Ocasio-Cortez destroys Republicans with her BEST speech yet

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BREAKING: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just destroyed Republicans with a BRILLIANT argument for the Green New Deal. Turn your speakers up and watch until the end— this is incredible...

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i feel like this would be a scene in a movie where we live in a post apocalyptic world and it shows flashbacks of when things could’ve been prevented

Author — seok on this


I feel oddly patriotic for America whenever I see Sanders or AOC speak, and i ain't even american

Author — Asma Haque


Prevention is better than cure. I love this woman.

Author — Lauryn Michelle


I so admire her.
She is so much of what I wish I could be.
NEVER lose your ideals.
Keep a moral compass.
I'm nearly old enough to be called a senior and I want young idealistic leadersl

Author — T Dalb


29 years old and has bigger balls than every man in that room. Get it Queen!

Author — DarcyKnox21


Her: “One year ago, I was waitressing in a taco shop...”

Me: oh my god, I can do anything, what am I doing with my life

Author — E’Dawns Subliminals


You go girl, she has found her calling keep up the fight !

Author — Steven Arneson


Imagine having to drag the massive steel balls around everywhere.

Go girl 😍

Author — TheS3lsner


i lived in the bronx when my child was young and he had asthma . we moved to another state and now he dont have asthma anymore

Author — noneur business


Instead of impeachment for Trump....get him to presidential debate this women...and watch her screw him over over his lies and crime coverup.
Pull up a chair and grab The popcorn

Author — Annaliese Wyld


Thank god she has good facts because the emotional response was good but with the facts its great

Author — Cactus Queen


We had a chance to start this green process with the Carter administration and they laughed at him. We are a bunch of damn fools and we will suffer for it.

Author — miriam hallows


Alexandria isn't Democrat or Republican - she's human.... I wish more people would remember that common connection. She does.

Author — William Rattley


AOC:The midwest is drowning!
Me: We are, girl. Get them to send boats.

Author — XxDainBramagedxX


They’re not use to a person that actually wanted to get things done.

Author — FactChecker


And don’t forget we are called to be “good stewards of the earth” ... 💗God bless, and Namaste 🙏

Author — Becca Boo


Because of AOC I know support Justice Democrats, I hope we get another one like her!

Author — Arthur Ivex


"OH SNAP" ! ! A.O.C. I love you. You are my new hero! Here's a fact for ya'll. I first learned about climate change (they called it the greenhouse effect) way WAY back in Jr. High School. That was OVER 40 years ago! What have we done since then? Am I angry? Is a pigs ass bacon? You bet I am!

Author — Marty Merrill


OMG I love her! She's literally doing her very best and I'm impressed for someone her age.

Author — Tamatha Rawls


She has a good point. We will spend more money fixing our mistakes than me will preventing them. That’s just facts. That rule applies for just about everything.

Author — carter