Chechnya Isn't What You'd Expect!

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🇷🇺 'Don't go to Chechnya!' the UK government website says. For sure you will be kidnapped and killed. Well, it turns out that they don't know what they are talking about. All you will find here is beautiful landscapes, friendly people and great shashlik. Oh, and very persuasive taxi drivers! Big thanks to Ruslan for the tour. Muzhik! 👍🏻

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One of the things i love about this channel is the lack of flashy intros and graphics. Pls dont ever change, keep it real.

Author — Furbs


This guy is in Chechnya, in the deepest part of europe, randomly taking trains and buses to villages and old towns, only with a bag, pair of shoes and a mobile phone... incredible

Author — xpto41


Ruslan is honestly a credit to the taxi driver profession.

Author — Perkelenaattori


I think if this channel has proven anything, it's that slavic states have the best radio stations.

Author — GordonForeman308


mate, I dont take my dog for a walk without ID, and you just traveling up and down in Chechnya without papers?? you kidding me..😂😂🤣🤣👍

Author — Daniel Bernáth


I’m a girl and this channel sometimes makes me wish I was a man so I could go on crazy adventures and not worry about being sexually assaulted by some weirdo, but luckily I can live vicariously through Mr Bald here

Author — Eggy Egg


12:30 Driver actually said "If just one hair drops off your head then I'll be responsible for it" which means - Driver takes full responsibility over a foreigner since he is now a guest and guests are treated with respect and honour in Chechnya.

Author — Roughnegg


The hat got him through the checkpoint, looking like some local war lord with private driver .

Author — RATED


I'm from Chechnya and you are a mad adventurer 😂😂😂 Loved it man, they are not used to tourists yet so don't be astonished if they stare at you the way they do. By the way the pronunciation of the Chechen expressions is on point 😂😂😂😂 at least the sounds.

Author — Y. Souleimanov


Mr bald: your not gonna sell me?
Taxi: huh?
Me bald: your not gonna sell me there?
Taxi: you? *nervously laughs*

Author — Joel


Just totally great to watch, as always :) Thanks for doing that and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter.

Author — WW2HistoryHunter


Youtube: hey wanna watch this random English guy travel across the arse-end of nowhere?

Me at 3 am: wtf why woul-.. actually, yeah, go on then.

Author — Louis Woodward


Mr. Bald: "Rrrjrruuutchtch murrjrrduu?"
Random chechen: Switches off the safety lock of his kalashnikov

Author — Popstar Researching Oblivion


12:20 Ruslan says: “Like I told you: if a single hair drops from your head, I’ll be held responsible.” («Я же тебе говорю: хоть одна волосинка упадёт с тебя, с меня спрос будет»)
Guess he’s lucky Bald’s bald.

Author — Savv


This looks like a Call Of Duty modern warfare map

Author — Xeno Benoit


You know a place is rough when "How are you?" sounds like he is going to murder you any second

Author — tuzmo


Everywhere else in the world it`s a wig, In Chechnya it`s a hat .

Author — Billy


Bald: there's no pavement
Bald: Hey look a soviet pavement

Author — Kevon Takram


Bald you have to go to Kalmykia next, Europe’s only Buddhist state.

Author — Kamil V


I like it how you give no political commentary. You just wander around and have fun like a normal human being.

Author — EMOBOY2008