Truth vs Hype: Impact Of NDTV Expose On Mob Lynchings

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On the show, we examine the impact of the sting exposing lynching accused admitting their role in violence.

NDTV is one of the leaders in the production and broadcasting of un-biased and comprehensive news and entertainment programmes in India and abroad. NDTV delivers reliable information across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile.

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This Sandeep singh is such a inhuman guy, he needs to go to jail for his statement, these kind of people are destroying the country!!

Author — Gracy Jose


Well done NDTV. Press is doing police job. This is Acche din for India. Modi should start facing the press!!!!

Author — Isaac V


Thank you NDTV. Because of ur unbiased reporting, we at least see a ray of light and hope that things would get better here.

Glad to see enlightened and truthful panellists in ur show who seems to side with Truth & Justice, as against support to criminals & justification of violence as projected by Sandeep Singh.

Author — Mohamed Abid


LYNCHING is a Grave Social Evil & It Need to be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY & We all need to do it now.

Why Lynching Happening :~
{¹} Lack of Political Will & Vendetta.
{½} UnAble to Control Law & Order.
{⅓} State of Social & Mental State of Crowd Anger.
{¼} MainStream & Social Media Propaganda.
{⅛} Fueled by Rumors & Fake News.

What Type of Lynching: ~
{²} Political Agenda
{⅔} Hurting once Believes
{⅜} Religious Sentiment
{³} Social OutRage
{¾} Personal Anger
{⁴} Rioting & Vandalism.

How to Put an End to Lynching
{¹} Strong Laws & Acts need to be in place for such heinous criminals & supporters.
{²} All Indian, including Media & Admissions need to Restraint ThemSelves to get into such crimes against our own Indian's.
{³} Propaganda to Viral AntiSocial messages & fack news need to be checked, banned & legal action against perpetrators
{⁴} Awareness Programs for FallOut of such active will lead to loosing a life is not only loss to a family but our nation

Author — Abhijit Sanyal


I will not be shocked when victim children took gun in their hand to take revenge of their have to pay the price by one way or another

Author — Zeeshan alam


bechare hukum uncle ko wakeel kisne bna dia...bol to pa nai rha bechara....his volume says it all...halat kharab lgri..😂😂

Author — Jadwan Firdaus


why don't these police officers wear some chudiyan n a lehenga as well...

Author — Jadwan Firdaus


India is peaceful country, lolzz
Should have asked these people how did the blood of a fellow human being taste.

Author — karma


Time to walk, BJP, or else, the police will have to step on the pitch!

Author — Renaissance Rules


Nothing will happen to anyone because india has become deceased society my dear so stop all intel actual debates or any debate regards to justice

Author — Asif Sayyed


ye vipin yadav ka lawyer court me kaise argue krta hai bhai... angrejo k 200 saal ka badla le liya angreji se

Author — contklr


I am proud to be a regular viewer of one of the very few (or only???) mainstream TV channels who have resisted government pressure and continued doing what they are supposed to do in a democracy. If you fold, Indian democracy will start dying. Please keep up the good work.

I do not watch news on TV any longer. I use the TV only for watching a few reality shows or Western programs and movies. I watch the selected free-media video clips on my computer via the internet.

Author — Gurpreet Singh Aulakh


BJP Representative speaking nonsense.. In such national media television..

Author — Hangloi Hutto


Well done NDTV. The team undercover did what police and state couldn’t do.

Author — India for Change


If these the so called vigilantes believe in what they are doing is right n holy then why do they hide n ran away n file bail plea stating they being not part of it.?? Bcoz they themselves know that what they are doing is not correct n right. If they were right they wud hv accepted the killing loudly in front of the court.

Author — B


New explanation for terrorism by Sandeep!

Author — sharmy jennifer


Aise bakwaas lawyer ke saath bhi ye kamine bach jate hai ye saaf saaf batata hai ki Police aur Sarkaar mili hui hai.

Author — Ashraf


got confused of i was watching indian Al jazeera

Author — Anil s


I am sure after seeing this news and channel data, this channel is funded by ISI Pakistan for sure.

Author — vasanti l


Those murderers deserve extra jail time for stupidly bragging to strangers!

Author — YouMustBeFibbing