Saudi Arabia and Iran: Will they go to war? - BBC News

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Saudi Arabia and Iran: Will they go to war? - BBC News4.5
The BBC's Paul Adams examines the fragile relationship between the two regional rivals.

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I do not want mothers of both countries weep, childern kill .God save both country from war

Author — de az


No, that would be the end of the world!
Let's just keep it cool and spy on eachother.

Author — Pingu 42


If Saudi is a country, Iran is a damn army. They can mobilise the entire population for war. Saudi population is a passive population which has lived off welfare for too long. Iranians are more battle ready, as they have lead a tough life. Personally, I hate both the ruling parties, but war will have ripple effects all over Islamic world. Shia Sunni war will consume Islam itself.

Author — Tom


Our governments hate each other, so why should we ordinary people fight their wars? I have nothing against saudis they are people like every one else.

Author — D


The Middle East doesn’t need any more war

Author — John Smith


Iran has no enmity with SA.
SA doesn't war with Iran.
It is D. Trump who wants the war between them.

Author — Mohd Mujtaba


Son of wester countries pushing them to war. So that they sell their arms.

Author — Usman Chaudhary


please make another video that is an updated analysis after the saudi oil refinery attack yesterday

Author — Jessica


Saudi Arabia have massacres countless civilians in the Middle East. They are the number one state sponsor of terror but they’re not on trumps list for whatever reason. We’re actually best friends with them. I support Iran over Saudi Arabia any day. Saudi recently kidnapped a diplomat from a sovereign nation and forced them to resign. That’s a blatant act of war by of-course nobody can fight them alone. Saudi Arabia is has the same ideology as ISIS, many regard Saudi Arabia as ‘The ISIS that made it’.

Author — IceColdMeat


Are you kidding me they can't even beat Yemen and you think they can go to war with Iran lol

Author — mad world


Extremist version of Islam, Wahhabism is coming to a catastrophic end.
Saudi is a slave to countries that will eventually ditch it down the drain.
Long live Peace! Long live Peaceful Islam!

Author — Asiya Naqvi


we in Pakistan have remained impartial, whilst Iran has colluded with India and has damaged Pakistan for many years, so Iran dont test us.

our allegiance is to the two holy sites in Saudia, not to the Sauds, dont misjudge us.

Author — Usman JJ


The west has always taken advantage of the rivalry between the opposing Islamic groups since they were there.

Author — Michael Loo


We cannot be divide by saying shia and sunni

Author — Almaza Hasan


Saudi government is depending on Egypt in case of military conflict with Iran, but Egypt is acting wisely toward peace in the Middle East so I think there won't be any military action.

Author — Hassan Sarhan


Saudi is bankrupt and is on its hands and knees to be slaughtered. Even Saudi neighbors hate the Saudi Arabia

Author — Kiumars [Iranian Kurd]


By all means I will avoid Iran period they are strong and nuclear power.

Author — Mojeer Yunis


The Saudi royalty got to go. Those Wahabists need to be jail all of them .

Author — Blockchain Bot.


At the present time, Iran is right.
It's Saudi Arabia under the banner of Sunnism spreading its evil and violent ideology Wahhabism.
May God bless and help the one who is with the truth. i.e Iran

Author — Mehboob Elahi


it all begins when us removed saddam Hussein from power. Iraq was a barrier b/w iran and it shia allies Syria and Hezbollah to the east than came the us invasion. iran benefited the most frm us policies.everything us does has opposite result.idiots