Insane Way El Chapo Escaped Prison

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Insane Way El Chapo Escaped Prison5
How did Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán manage to escape the Mexican prison? How long did his men dig the tunnel?

Men freeze in place, holding pickaxes and shovels at the ready inside a well-lit tunnel under the Mexican countryside. They can hear the vibrations of a vehicle above them, and wary of making any noise that might give them away, hold their work as the prison patrol passes by overhead. Thirty feet below the prison's main yard, there's little chance of being discovered, but after several months of secret tunneling, they can't take any chances- especially when they are so close to their goal: the prison cell of Mexico's most famous drug kingping: Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.



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Can someone make a movie about this? Like a really good movie thoe

Author — Vice Music


If Trump did build a wall, El Chapo would've built a tunnel to cross the Wall

Author — zahoor hadi


In germany it actually isn't illegal to attempt to escape prison. The reason beeing, that everybody has a desire for freedom.

Author — TSK08


El Chapo's workers were truly dedicated to making sure their boss did not experience any inconvenience!!!! Lol!!!!

Author — BingCherry11


I cant even sneak out of my house at 1am😂

Author — **_** kysu


Only person that can help him now is Michael Scolefield 😂

Author — K Milly


He protecc
He attacc
But most of all

The federalis are going to bring him bacc

Author — Daniel Miksowcki


Hard to escape from my wife even for a single night

Author — george APOEL


fakes news he got out of prison again and fled to america where he changed his name shaved off his mustache and got a job at flex seal

Author — emilstnt


El Chapo : i Escaped from Prison.
Escobar: Hold my beer while i build my own prison.
😂 😂 😂

Author — athana kop


Everyone that works in that prison was paid by him. From the prison janitors to the warden. That's how.

Author — dachicagoan



“All four officers said no”

*only three officers*

Author — Gtherdether


El chapo went to a lvl 1 crook to a lvl 35 drug lord

Author — Donald Duck


The solution is simple, just lock him in 2nd floor....problem solved XD

Author — Blue Panda


Looks more like Pablo Escobar than el chapo

Author — CTE. Cam


This is going to make one hell of a season of Narcos



4:49 “into the dark of the night”
Shows daytime

Author — Angelina Midkiff


I'm from the city where he was finally captured in 2016. I remember that day, the safe house where he was hiding is close to my parents' house, I pass by there frequently.

Author — C S


I met this men in Sinaloa 2013 in a party super nice guy

Author — kilo beltra


when can i get a audio book from this guy

Author — kyson davis