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In this video, we're going to learn how to play Istanbul! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below.

Note: When going to the fountain, you do not have encounters with other Merchants.

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00:00 - Introduction
00:33 - The Setup
03:58 - Game Play Overview
04:24 - Phase 1: Movement
06:04 - Phase 2: Encountering Other Merchants
06:34 - Phase 3: Carrying Out The Action Of The Place
06:40 - Warehouses
07:02 - The Wainwright
07:41 - The Post Office
08:07 - The Black Market
08:34 - The Tea House
09:04 - The Small/Large Market
09:50 - The Sultan's Palace
10:15 - The Gemstone Dealer
10:29 - The Fountain
10:50 - The Police Station
11:09 - The Mosques
12:02 - The Mosque Tile Benefits
12:51 - The Caravansary
13:32 - Using Bonus Cards
13:49 - Phase 4 - Encountering Other Tokens
13:55 - Encountering Other Player's Family Members
14:08 - Encountering the Governor
14:25 - Encountering The Smuggler
14:48 - Turn Summary
14:59 - Ending The Game
15:32- Determining The Winner
15:53 - Variants and Custom Setups
16:06 - Expansion Overview
16:21 - Conclusion

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That game looks really inviting when it's all set up.

Author — N20 Games


This is a great game taught by a great person! Thanks, Rodney 😀

Author — thebearting


Respect for your willingness to nuke videos people already watched to get correct rules up.

Author — Taoh Rihze


Must play game with song playing, while visiting Istanbul!

Author — Meeple Mentor


Definitely going to add to our collection! This looks really great! Great job as usual, Sir Rodney!

Author — Frank Minogue


Great as always Rodney! I hope to also will make a tutorial for Mocha & Baksheesh expansion!!

Author — Ludo Vico


This is my favorite game that I own. I hope that the big box is a hint they are working on more content because the expansions fit neatly inside the original and it can even be stored vertically.

Author — Maksym Zakharzhevskiy


One of my favorite games. I still watched the whole video though just to enjoy the great content. Thanks!

Author — LLADNAR


Holy moly.. you must have read my mind! I was hoping you would do a video for Istanbul. I'm going to buy the special bundle package quite soon. I've been trying to get this game for a while. It was out of print I guess? or just not distributed well in Canada. Regardless I found a great place to get it locally, so I'll be happy :D

Author — Steve Pruneau


Now whenever I discover a new game, I have my fingers crossed that you have a video covering it. Thank you for making me love board games again, Rodney!

Author — Elroy Desmond


Wow! I was playing the Post Office wrong!! Thanks Rodney for helping me get it right!

Author — Garret Mook


Hope you can teach us the new Batman Chronicles by Monolith.

Author — Guillermo z


Even after many years this is likely still our favourite game as a group.
Really nice that you decided to profile a 2014 game.
It certainly deserves to have wider love.
Always tricky in a hobby where ‘the cult of the new’ is so strong.
Thanks Rodney.

Author — NPBG Group


Looks fun! Another great video, Rodney. Thank you!

Author — Jackie Fuchs


always love your explanations. Plus your gestures and setup is so smooth. Will definitely be copying your moves when I explain this game to my friends!

Author — K Lim


As always, just the best tutorials ever. Side note: I love that production value has gone up too higher resolution and everything. Not needed but I enjoy it and hopefully it’s a reflection of your success on YT.

Author — Brian


Yay. I bought this a year ago, but haven't brought it to the table yet. I've been waiting for a concise video to teach it properly. Thanks Rodney

Author — Mr. Ekshun


Great game! Thanks Rodney! Istanbul easily gets on the table!

Author — Stathis Kokkinakis


Thanks to Rodney. We really appreciate your videos. They help us tremendously.

Author — John Riperti


This is my dream game.I'll buy it on a festival

Author — neha mehrotra