What if USA went to war with Turkey? (2018)

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This video explores what military moves could either side take, if a war broke out between the who. It compares military forces present nearby Turkey as well as US options to increase their numbers without much allied help. Finally, the video explores the course of the possible air/ground/naval battles and delivers a final verdict.

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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The real war is in the comment section

Author — Toruk Makto


We're dramatically waiting San Marino vs Liechtenstein

Author — 1a2b3c4d


And every time Pakistan will support turkey in all conditions

Author — Ali Abas


USA uses a air base in Crete at Greece man and probably Greece will give space for US air force so I don't think anything go as you say

Author — Socrates Kamposos


im starting to feel like the only sane and neutral brazilian here.

Author — Elijah King


usa never attack directly they always start civil war before they attack

Author — mostkedim


Turkey vs Russia
America: Support Turkey
Turkey vs America
Russia: support Turkey

Author — Miracle Vehicles


mk yorumlara like atarken taziyeye gelmiş misafirlere kıymalı dağıtıyor gibi hissettim. bir de içimden saol ya azerbaycan, bak bak iranda geliyor falan diyorum

Author — Mitis


We from Pluto love Turkey and hate US for degrading us to a Planetoide.

Author — Merke Tarif


I feel this makes the common mistake of not recognizing the sheer difference of US advantage over most other militaries in terms of capacity. The Iraq War has 214 coalition deaths (not just US) to 7600-45000 Iraqi combatant deaths.

While Turkey is quite ahead of Iraq, I think the point still stands. US training, equipment, and overall warfighting ability means only near peer opponents can threaten an equal or near equal casualty rates. As Iraq showed, we tend to dramatically understate the difference in capabilities, and tend to only be surprised by dramatic differences in ability in hindsight.

And I think you overstate Turkeys ability to suddenly concentrate forces against a US invasion point in the face of intense air assault. It would be a meat grinder.

Author — UniGaming


Well then, this certainly got VERY relevant almost exactly 1 year later.

Author — Winston Syme


Who bets that the comment section won't be of buthurts but only people who say it will be full of buthurts

Author — L- Squad


Just one night, suddenly...
82 Washington D.C.

Author — Yura Uro


How can you beat a nation which gave a smile to the death?...

Author — eray elroman


When u played too much "Risiko"

Author — Mikail De


So what I’m trying to say is that turkey 🇹🇷 is a very powerful nation and NATO and not to underestimate them.

Author — Raed Odeh


Watching this, it's apparent that Greece is instrumental for any U.S. operations against Turkey.

Author — AlLaST0I2


So what if aliens are just started of a space war on earth? Yu guys are keep goin with that mouth that '' my country beat yur country or my nation brave tha n yur nation ''??

Author — ugur asnaz


Well obviously u.s would finish us but that would be the end of u.s as well...

Author — Can Buyukaycan


Do you use that command modern operations game to help with these?

Author — [GR]DoveEnigma13