Adventure VAN LIFE TURKEY - The Black Sea Region of Ordu

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Arriving in the Turkish city of Ordu we visit a very unusual house & take a cable car for an aerial view of the city. Heading west we discover beautiful beaches and a point with a mythical story.

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Travel vlog 346 | Ordu | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

Thank you for sharing, now Turkey is on my bucket list, the Black Sea is beautiful 🥰🥰

Author — Veronica Garcia


I have just started watching your vlogs today as I’m such a lover of Turkey and it’s people.This being my first vlog which I have to say is brilliant ! Getting to see Turkey in another way is so interesting and the way you guide us through each day, giving us the history from each new area, is better than any other travel shows I have watched in the past. I look forward to your future travels 😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Author — Paul Hutchins


Marianne ve Chris'i tüm canlılar seviyor...😊 Çiçekler, böcekler, kuşlar, kediler, köpekler....ve tabi ki biz..İzmirden Sevgiler❤

Author — Seher Yıldız


The Black Sea is so beautiful i can't wait to we can travel freely again.

Author — Tuur


Those coastlines are beautiful and the upside down hours are so trippy! We love seeing more and more of Turkey with you guys!!! So so fun. Hi 👋🏻 from Ukraine haha we are hoping to leave Ukraine next week but for now still hi from Ukraine 🤙🏼

Author — DjusLife


My favorite travellers are Marienne and Chris. They are giving me good vibes. Positive energy.

Author — Valar Olorin


"Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nutter!" 😆😆😆

Author — Aaron P


The Black Sea sure is a great road trip. Stay safe.

Author — Linda Taylor


Hello from Germany Duisburg, I'm from Ordu too, but have lived in Germany since 1973. You paid my cousin the parking ticket in centrum :-) I wish you both a good trip in Turkey.

Author — Orhan Kaya


Love Wednesdays. “Tread the Globe” and “Itchy Boots” on the same evening, lovely. 💕

Author — Peter Farmer


Yes Chris, I am still here watching the upside down house and thinking the similarities with my life, it is amazing to see the matching in between ...

Author — Ahmed AlShalchi


Disney World in Orlando Florida has those “cable cars”! They call them the “Skyliner”! Looks awesome! 😁🤙

Author — Discovering LockeNest


Thank you for giving the dogs food. Very nice behavior.

Author — Fatih Aydın


That dog, I just want to take him home. I hope he gets a human family as he looks like he wants one. Enjoyed the video!

Author — Peri


What a kind thing to do, feeding that beautiful dog. You are both so lovely 💗

Author — Lorraine Quinn


Ordu is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Stay well.

Author — Cosmoevents21st


Bir Ordu'lu olarak çok mutlu oldum 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Gönül Pekçok


You are a great couple. You described Ordu very well.
I am from Ordu. And I am grateful to you.

Author — merve ölçek


ooooh you're still there!!! i love it every time.!

Author — Course Provider


9:37 it was so lovely to see marianne giving fresh water to the dog :’) the dog seemed so excited🥰🥰🥰

Author — moony