Is this safest place in the world? BBC News

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Is this safest place in the world? BBC News5
A special vault has been built in the Arctic to store thousands of seeds, as scientists fear the impact of climate change and prolonged conflicts could have devastating consequences on food crops around the world.

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Misleading title! I thought he meant where humans would be safe from war or crime when I looked at the title.

Author — Anonymous


what's the hard hat's for? a falling ice cube

Author — Mark Peden


When they do it, it's "being smart and responsible." when we do it, we're thrown into the looney bin.

Author — PokemonDiamondUS


Why is there no sci-fi movie on this???
Something like wall-e but a little more intense and not animated..

Author — Aditya Parab


your going to need those seeds after scientists screw up GM crops.

Author — Norman Smith


Just go to Antarctica there's no people there to fight or harm you

Author — ButterWarriorcj


This is what they are keeping safe while we are being fed Monsanto's garbage

Author — Aaron


A better question could be = why the most noxious multinational companies (Carlisle, Halliburton )are spending big money in this " seed safe " ?
At watching the usual behaviour of these companies, they always prefered the death of folks around their plants (Bhopal ) to any loss of ten Rupies .
The question = What is the goal of this costly caves ?

Author — Meech Von KERFILY


GMO is the danger don't eat GMO food it's poison 😎👍

Author — aadrianlee


i read about this ages ago. Apparently it is the truth. So probably it is truth as well that in time of 30 or 50 years all ice will melt.
probably 30, because people wont stop eating meat and meet farming creates the bigest carbon print.

Author — Sigita Silina


If anyone watches "The 100" will understand this reference... this closely reminds me of the bunker 🙆🏾‍♀️

Author — Nucia *


if they want my seed, i am willing to fly out to the Arctic.

Author — Apple_Cider


Why are they doing this NOW I wonder. Is this project really all that casual as they say it is? How imminent do they think the "end of the world" is in order for them to build this?
Not that Im even scared of judgment day, but this seems a bit offm

Author — Frederick Röders


Kind of makes you wonder what sort of stuff grows wild in my yard that is edible

Author — TheSchmidtsu


The seed vault is not for Global warming, it for Nuclear War....Europeans worry about non issues, Nuclear proliferation now that is worrisome...

Author — Mr Clarkson


Are these Santos seeds or real ones that can repoduce themselves? Maybe these are the seeds they confiscated from the private farmers from all over the world.

Author — Felicia McCreary


1:02 so what happens when u need to get your seeds during the apocalypse and you can't get in because the doors frozen? o.O

Author — kyle7412


"never put all your eggs in one basket"

The old adage holds true even now. There should be atleast two such seed vaults adequately distanced from each other.

Author — Sagar Rao


is there a numbered ticket dispenser and a waiting room so the various countries can wait their turn in an orderly fashion?
also magazines because i imagine you'll be waiting a while...oh, i almost forgot, what about gluten-free seeds?

Author — cullou toltec


BBC always has its hooks...listen carefully.

Author — Video works