Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over 'Green New Deal'

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Tucker Carlson takes on Robert Hockett, Cornell law professor and adviser to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, over the details of the Green New Deal. #Tucker #FoxNews

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No crystal meth was harmed during production.

Author — johnlewisbrooks


This explains everything AOC is being advised by Cosmo Kramer.

Author — Sasso Rio


I am seriously considering becoming a Republican. These Leftists are just mind boggling.

Author — BlackWolfCo


This dude is a TWEEKER all the blinking and fidgety movements look like he needs a fix

Author — Weld Dude


For every crazy person out there there is a crazier person supporting them

Author — Joey Rigsby


Obviously, a used car salesman that is a regular in the bar that Ocasio-Cortez use to tend.

Author — The Overling


This ADVISOR guy doesn't even support the Green New Deal! Every part he disagrees with or can't logically argue in favour of, he tries to make up some excuse that it isn't actually real or a serious part of the Green New Deal.

Author — Goat


Umm dude, you need to straighten out your wig.

Author — Kathryn Molesa


"no.. no.. no.. it's not actually green, that's a misquote.. "

Author — Christopher G


He doesn't like cocaine.
He just likes the way it smells.

Author — Ryan Burns


Now I know why young people are dumber when they finish school than when they started

Author — Charles Foley


This guy is crazier than AOC which I thought was impossible.

Author — xnavyeod88


This is supposedly an educated professor at a major College/University in this country and he is defending this garbage!

Either he is an idiot OR he is so far removed from reality. Either alternative would disqualify him from his position with the university

Author — Robert Roberts


Tucker Carlson is the number 1 cause of Global Warming because he is on fire!

Author — Haybone


The guy on the right looks like he was assembled with mismatched parts

Author — J R


This guy is a maniac and a pathologic liar it's so obvious lol

Author — Infernoz04


this is a tenured ivy league professor with a doctorate speaking. remember that when you wax poetic about higher education.

Author — Timothy Adams


I need f...g diesel to run my tractors on the farm. Maybe those idiots can come over and pull the ploughs or dig the cornfields with spades.

Author — ZhiWei Ma


Where did you find this comedian, Tucker?

Author — Yall Toilets B Talkin Shit


Haha. I thought that was Gutfeld in a wig playing a joke.

Author — nate whalen