Pickup Basketball Stereotypes

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Pickup Basketball Stereotypes5
Pickup ballers. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.

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Who else is watching in 2019?

Like if you're.

Author — WWE Wrestling


R.I.P Cody’s grandpa, a.k.a “The Old Guy”

We will always remember him in our hearts.

Author — Clay Oyler


This is the only rage monster that did not break anything

Author — Famouspiano 63


“Banana Swirl!”
“I don’t even know what that is!”
*” B A N A N A S W I R L”*

Author — Hardcore MatC


Who else is watching in 2019? And R.I.P Garrett's hair 😂

Author — Tyler Brownlee


85% RIP Old Guy 10% banana swirl 5% who’s watching this in 2019

Author — Jennifer Stowe McGann


Dude, these stereotypes won’t be the same with Cody’s Grandpa.( A.K.A the old guy ) R.I.P

Author — EL3ctric


* Rips out other guys spine *

"That was not a foul!!"

Author — Kiwi The Kiwi


The Dude Perfect guys: you wanna be in a Dude Perfect video?
Kid: **smiling** yeah!
The Dude Perfect Guys: but you play the annoying kid
Kid: **smile fades**

Author — Cool Corner


*"I dont know what this i-"*
*_"BANANA SWIRL!!!!"_*

Author — Blake Seiter


0:08 Kyle Lowry for the championship in 2019

Author — Rayyan Khurram


Who else is watching when they are alive

Like if you are

Author — The Steres bros


Is anyone else here after “The Old Guy” (Cody’s grandpa) died?

Author — Thorpedo Gaming


When I was a kid me and my friends played something we called “Terminator Basketball” it’s basically football but basketball.

Author — I've seen shit


Where do such channels get all those subscribers, Walmart? 😂 its nice but a simple channel

Author — Rollo Fenrir


RIP "The Old Guy" you will be remembered in our hearts, cody's grandpa. We love you!

Author — Corner Cooner


I’m the misses all game but banks in a 3 for the win guy

Author — AustinTDS


They should of put the guy who never passes

Author — Fruity Łøtūś


Wow this vid was uploaded exactly 6 years ago today

Author — lklege barcity


The player coach, the lose lose situation, and the my bad guy were my favorites.

Author — Beth M