They died shielding their infant son from gunfire

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They died shielding their infant son from gunfire4.5
Jordan and Andre Anchondo died shielding their infant son from gunfire inside the El Paso Walmart where 20 people were killed in a mass shooting. CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks to their family. #CNN #News

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This child has to grow up without a mother.
Because of a terrorist attack.

Author — LOGIC !


Both parents died protecting their son. Please don't leave the father out because he too died protecting his wife and son.

Author — BreakTheWheel Now


Both parents gone and their 3 children will grow up without them and for what?? For what!?

Author — ღSwnsasyღ _


Their life was taking away by this idiot because of hate and ignorance 🤨.

Author — Keeping It 100%


people are being rude. they aren’t reconizing that the dad ALSO saved and protected the baby too.

Author — Leyna Nguyen


The father died protecting BOTH of them, please don't leave him out.

Author — CJR G


Don't forget the husband/dad protecting his family❣️🙏🏼☮️🌎

Author — Diana Tutt

Author both were killed.... They mention the mother alone but both a mother and a father were taken from this 👪. Oh my goodness.

Author — Neo The Boxer


This child didn't just loose his mother. This murderer killed both of his parents.
His mother and

Author — Rhiannon Xuela Marie


The baby is so lucky to have a mama and dad like that. Rest in peace😔

Author — Epic GamerZ


This just tore my heart my condolences to all the victims in Texas Ohio and The Garlic Festival in Gilroy Ca.



My heart breaks for this family.  I pray their family feels the comfort and peace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Author — Stacey Fulkerson


I am sorry hear that. Isn't both, Mother and Father sacrificed themselves? I was a bit confused at first as it only briefly talks about Jordan but barely about Andre. Of course the mother protected the infant and she did what any mother would do, very brave and very natural thing. Keep them in your prayers.

Author — Ali Mo


Omggg;(( this is really break my heart😫😭 God Bless their family

Author — genevieve candy


I remember when sandy hook happened....Obama was going to sign gun control bills but the corrupt Republicans blocked the bill.

Author — Herr Drumpf


They are so calm...I would be yelling and cussing up a storm!

Author — Nkiru


Just a pity he have to live without his parents for the rest of their lives because of an idiotic shooter

Author — Aaron Austrie


This had me in tears. These horrific and senseless shooting hurts everyone especially those who are left behind. End this madness NOW!

Author — Phoenix Uprising


The shooter no need to go to court and ask him why he did that let him sit on the electric chair or torture that m... fckr

Author — Fiorello borge


God bless that baby and the families that lost in both attacks over the weekend. My hear is broken 💔.

Author — Know Your Worth