#KashmirHour: Pakistani PM leads nationwide anti-India protest over Kashmir

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Thousands rallied across Pakistan Friday in mass demonstrations protesting Delhi's actions in Indian-administered Kashmir in the most ambitious public protests targeting India in years.

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💬 Comments on the video

As an Indian I feel sad for Pakistan :(

They have no idea they can never have Kashmir because it now belongs to India !!! Look at them poor deluded folks rallying to grab another Nation's land that never belonged to them, But Brainwashed by their Politicians. Since birth they are used to seeing Fake Map of their Nation.

Author — Melodic Nostalgic


Where's a suicide bomber when you need one? Oops my bad they're all busy protesting.

Author — Surendra Singh


Iconic drama of Pakistan ....over international stage.

Author — Vishal Mandal


Why these Kashmiris in Jammu are curfewed with thousands of forces
What is their crime ?

Author — rashidaq


Modi the elected fascist of the East has encourage other nations occupied under the "Indian" union. It was always an artificial union and an abomination.

Author — Omar Munir


How do you protest in your home?

It doesn't make sense!!!

Losing millions in half an hr.

Just cross the border dude and let's c some action!

Author — Chu Ka


We kashmiris know well that secular India on which our leaders trusted and joined india is died now and a Hindutva national agenda follower Modi is trying to usurp our legal rights . That's why India is on 38 shameful countries list by UN now they dont have shame that's why are taking undemocratic steps
If you have guts, release our main stream leaders and start face to face debate on media then you will come to know who is right and who is wrong ? If you don't then be ready for backlash from valley .

Author — Al Taany


They can pound sand and cry all they want. We might get to see the mighty BrahMos in action if they try to escalate the situation though!

Author — B P


you have wrong map of Pakistan
also include Kashmir

Author — Fahad Ahmed


Thanks France 24 for reporting about Kashmir.
I hope France 24 will consistently about Hindu extremisim and worse situation of Indian occupied Kashmir to world.

Author — Iftikhar Gillal


What a drama by hijra clowns!!
Declare War so we can get POK

Author — Har Preet


Nice to see they are still wearing their Pajamas to a News conference LOL

Author — Russ


indian army are killing innocent kashmiri

Author — Tahir Mahmood


best wishes to Pakistan PM for this great success 😁😁😁😁

Author — Pinaki Paul


no protest against osama or isis or taliban????

Author — horny thaknows


please broadcast this kind of news to busy Pakistan in war....😂😂😂...we indian busy only our work

Author — Shyam sundar Halder


Soon Indian shall smell this news video and bombard the comment section with filth and disliking the video.

Author — Waseeullah Khan


Porkistan has no brain or capabilities. Thus is all they are capable of

Author — Gaurav Sahu


We are watching the demise of Indian democracy

Author — F Ahmad


Imran Khan first stop Pakistan 🇵🇰 being a Terrorist State silly fellow...

Author — Poongkodi Veerappan