ISIS Killing Rooms Of Mosul Are Filled With Bodies And Mystery

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MOSUL, Iraq — In March, VICE returned to Mosul for the first time since the war against ISIS was declared over eight months ago.

While life may be returning to normal in the eastern half of the city, on the other side of the river — where the fighting was most intense — the scale of rebuilding that needs to be done is monumental. It’s estimated there are still 8 million tons of conflict debris that need to be moved before reconstruction can start, equivalent to three times the size of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. About 75 percent of that rubble is in West Mosul, and it’s mixed with so much unexploded ordnance that experts say this is now one of the most contaminated spots on the planet.

In the Old City, where ISIS made its last stand, residents have slowly started to come back – a few business owners hoping to repair shops, and families who have no other option but to live in their damaged homes. Some water tanks have been trucked in, and electricity cables have been temporarily patched together along some streets, but the place feels deserted, and in some ways the scene was not that different from how it looked shortly after the fighting.

Thumbnail photo credit: Adam Desiderio/VICE News.

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“We saw that there were bodies everywhere, in the alleys and inside the houses, ” Hosayni told VICE News.

Author — VICE News


Meanwhile the woman of the year award goes to Caitlyn Jenner!

Author — Abhijay Hazarika


this woman here is a REAL muslim, unlike those isis women we see on tv.
she's an absolutely beautiful human being and may god bless her for her work.

Author — Amerlad mad


Isn’t she a hero that deserves worldwide recognition or a Nobel peace prize?

Author — xtceeee1


This woman should be encouraged, recognized and supported worldwide.

Author — Invincible Focus


This woman and her team surely deserve the Nobel prize!

Author — Hoang Vu


Meanwhile, Americans are worried about gender pronouns.

Author — Jim Jam Banana Slam


Why is the nurse only getting praised when she has her whole team with her as well ? God bless that whole team ! 🙏

Author — been Had uchies


Nurse: "Grab its head"
Helper: "Are you serious?"
Nurse: "Whats wrong with you?"


Author — john kid Killing


Yeah this woman is a great human being....God Bless..

Author — Thomas Price


I am honestly dumbfounded at how the reporter can just walk in there with no mask on and stare at 100 rotting dead bodies without feinting.

Author — Tung Ming


Why the hell isn't this stuff on tv for the public to see! They'll tell you what Kim Kardashian is wearing or what prince Harry is up to though.... Fk this is real news! Big props to this journo. Seeing that room would mess any normal person up for awhile!

Author — Rory Ellis


RIP to all, especially the innocents, caught in these mass murders.

Author — Pierce Hawke


Man, that lady is one hell of an inspiring leader. I hope when Mosul is eventually rebuilt her contribution is not forgotten. She deserves a 10 foot statue at the very least.

Author — LockeRobster


As a father, my heart goes out to those children.

Author — geektoro


She deserves a nobel prize.Bravo girl, you are the true human. ♥️

Author — A Khan


Human Beings are truly awful to each other 😢

Author — Tracy Thomas



Kylie Jenner: is that a chicken?

Author — Margaux Zigleir



Author — Shrikantiah TDR


6:36 its a house. Can you imagine that one day this was a room where a family lived, ate together and watched TV?

Author — Marzy Art