James Brown calls Michael Jackson & Prince on the stage.

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The luckiest audience in history. 1983

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The Godfather, The King and The Prince!

Author — Sandeep Atwal


Can you imagine going to the restroom and coming back to James, Michael & Prince all on the stage lol

Author — Bobby Robbyn


R. I. P. James Brown
R. I. P. Michael jackson
R. I. P. Prince


Author — Yolo lol Remix2019


Let’s just take a moment and realize that Michael laid his edges....



Back when you had to be talented to be on stage

Author — Villi Fula


When The Godfather calls you to the stage, no matter who you are, you GO to the stage!

Author — Prideoffreedom


Michaels voice got me hot and bothered. That man was just talented.

Author — Shenyae T


The luckiest audience in the entire world!

Author — Kelvin Mhina


Can you imagine paying 30 bucks to see James Brown and ending up with MJ & Prince as a bonus...
Best $30 ever spent!

Author — djscorpion


MJ set Prince up by telling JB to call him onstage. LMAAOOOO

Author — Will Tomlinson


Mike ruled the stage even for the 20 seconds he was on it, #THEKINGOFPOP!

Author — I AM THE ONE !!!!


Prince rode a human up to the stage! Then tossed his lollypop and gloves! This audience has no idea that they just watched 3 legends on stage together. Never in history has that ever happened again.

Author — I'm honest


This is just sad man.. so sad.. All three of them are gone like how is that possible?

Author — Adrian Vio


Everyone knows he had the voice of an angel, but my god that man could move. I mean he could move even at the age of 50, but when he was a young man? He was like lightning.

Author — Kelmire1


I loved when Michael looked like this....and he be killin' them shades...👌

Author — Shaye Jivens


I keep coming back to this video just to see how petty Prince was, trying to assert himself, both of these guys were large characters and loved each other. Don't buy into what the media says

Author — London Taylor


The luckiest audience in the history of music.

Author — Sun of Sotep


Michael looked like a damn angel on that stage. smh every word, every movement, perfection.

Author — TiMo BaRRz


To be fair though, they never actually shared the stage, did they? Looks like Mike left the stage already before Prince came up.

Author — bigmjfan1


Michael was just being cool and smooth.He didnt look like he was trying hard. He was a super mega star at that time but he seems really humble.

Author — JD