Rod Wave - Freestyle (Official Music Video)

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“can’t explain how i feel i’m just happy i’m here”

Author — Just Obsessed


Rod wave be hitting so deep I can’t even sing half this shit without stuttering💔

Author — T J


“And i got it out the mud, i always knew this day would come”

Author — LyuFN


He don’t miss in my opinion.. His catalog is crazy. Definitely keeps me going through the hard times 💯

Author — Strutegic


Love him because he don’t talk about having a lot of hoes and stuff like other rappers do

Author — Da Crew


Who ever is reading this comment u will have a blessed next year! 🙏🏽☺️

Author — Samiyah W


👀 that man rich as hell. i dont wanna make this sound weird or anything but you can not act like you didnt just see like 200k in cash. bruh imma start rapping just wait

Author — Donavinn Hall


everytime I hear you're heart on ice play on the radio I cry cause it bring back all the memories i had with my homie may god bless his soul man we would bump to it 24/7 and jus smoke blunts as we served in my whip and just talk about they days when we gon be ight and not needing to serve to maintain a fucked up situation at home. Anyways I appreciate you as a rapper you really out here making sure every line real an from the heart and I think anybody who out here in the streets fr fr can say you speak our silent hearts when u rap.

Author — Alex h


something about him being able to show off his money and still write songs that ain't all about that is a gift in my opinion 💙

Author — •k •


Claim your "here before a million views" ticket here

Author — Noci ND


man this dude need to stay safe... his impact is similar to lil snupe in the south

Author — Zalin Landrews


“engine came in the truck Da only reason he’s alive” he just spit pure facts dats why I fw him 💯

Author — Snub_STL


"Don't you never put your trust in men, believe in God"😩

Author — Candicee


Rod wave went through alot of hard times and now hes hard working is payin off...hes becomin a huge talent...his music has it all abouy life💯

Author — Mario Baptiste


" they rather go blind than see me winning . " 🖤💯

Author — Leah Bellamy


Rod Wave be rapping like if I just won the lotto..grind don’t stop people, let your blessings come true.

Author — LeBeautiful


RodWave: *Posts*

Everyone: *Lets scroll down through the comments*

Author — 50K Subs With 1 Video Challenge


When you hear “pipe that shit up tnt” on a rod wave song you know it’s about to be fire

Author — Thrummy


yesss!!! this make me wanna just forget everybody and just be by myself.

Author — Jasmine Reality


Tried to tell my momma she don't gotta work no job
But she the one who taught her baby boy to hustle hard
Said "Don't you never put your trust in men, believe in God"

Author — Landon Sale