The Politics of Coronavirus

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Audio editing by Eric Schneider
Motion graphics by Vincent de Langen
Illustrations by Kate Willært
Everything else by Evan

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From Evan (PolyMatter): It’s worth repeating that most of the numbers in this video have changed dramatically and are only used to demonstrate larger points. You should check with your local government for up-to-date information. Stay safe everyone.

Author — PolyMatter


CoronaVirus prevention is like International environmental policy: "everyone agrees that everyone else should do more".

Author — Manpreet Singh


* Goes to store *

No toilet paper, no canned foods, no milk nothing.

Y'all, don't panic buy, get enough and leave for other people who really need it. Plus there's a chance the foods is going to expire before the pandemic hits it's peak so *get enough, dont be selfish*

Author — Ted Bundy


It’s scary how fast this video became out of date

Author — Allen Su


Can’t say thank you enough to that one doctor who gave his life to trying to help us all. Our world needs more people like him

Author — TILR


Rants about how Singapore is doing better than Hong Kong

Author — theguy vn


The scariest thing is how outdated his numbers are already

Author — neekoless


I never realized how much I touch my face until now 😳

Author — A


0:45 Just to be clear, Coronavirus is the class of virus. SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the virus. COVID19 is the disease it causes. I think it’s fine to use any interchangeably in conversation or even in documentation (we all know what we mean) but in an educational video - would be good to be clear of the nomenclature. Love the work otherwise!

Author — artspooner


Reasons to get a Japanese toilet:
When toilet paper runs out, you're not bothered.

Author — Unknown


“It is just a flu.” "This is a hoax by the Democrats"

Author — Christoto


Oh well, in Belgium it's highly political.
Every party is blaming the others for the slightest things that go wrong.
F'ing dramaqueens...

Author — Brains Applied


Here before we crossed 1M confirmed cases

Author — Oqalios


"For every example of bravery, there are thousands of others forced into silence."

Author — kunal gulyani



Everyone: Covid 19

Poly: C.O.V.I.D 19

Author — Saosaq Ii


USA: So let’s make testing inaccessible, this way the number of infections stay low. This is a great idea! Right!


Author — Rektify Gaming


"many of the numbers may no longer be accurate"
USA: 15, 000 cases up from 250

Author — Gamers Rise Up


*talks about Singapore* 10:19
Shows stock footage of Thailand.

Author — Joshua Goh


PolyMatter in 4 years: "How Charmin acquired Apple"

Author — Jarrod


2:46 "Blood, Stool and Tears" sounds like a really weird autobiography.

Author — Roman Riesen