The Jam - News Of The World (1978) (HQ)

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The Jam - News Of The World (1978)

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Hello, I'm dara o brien, and welcome to mock the week!

Author — Isaac Turner


When I said I was a positive person, I meant HIV!

Author — DavieCooper1992


Dara 'O Brian wants to know your location

Author — Otto Von Bismarck


Class track. I always loved Foxton's bass playing. He's a good singer too.

Author — Thread Bear


Bruce Foxton - the only man in WORLD HISTORY to make a mullet look stylish and cool !

Author — Dennis Mazza


Weller is 19 here, it's just astonishing! Tight Unit, Proficient, Still sounds amazing today. 

Author — Steve G


Found this just browsing around on youtube ten years ago. I'd never heard of The Jam before that. It was all down hill after that! Brilliant band

Author — MichaelCasanovaMusic


Rickenbackers & chewing gum always looks cool!:-)

Author — jcee


I kind of like the way Foxton kept his David Bowie hairstyle throughout the punk era despite wearing mod clothes.

Author — Ken Mills


Rattle yer colostomies to this Gem by Jam. One of their best songs. Foxton needs indulging more. Where are his songs? He's a treasure.

Author — theonlyantony


Power, Pop!
Read about the things that happen throughout the world
Don't believe in everything you see or hear
The neighbours talk day in day out about the goings on
They tell us what they want - they don't give an inch

Look at the pictures taken by the cameras they cannot lie
The truth is in what you see - not what you read
Little men tapping things out - points of view
Remember their views are not the gospel truth

Don't believe it all
Find out for yourself
Check before you spread
News of the world
News of the world

Never doubt
Never ask
Never moan
Never search
Never find
Never know
News of the world

Each morning our key to the world comes through the door
More than often its just a comic, not much more
Don't take it too serious - not many do
Read between the lines and you'll find the truth

Author — Kyïv stuff


Most understated one of their best IMO!!

Author — JohnnyAppleseed


Great stuff a straightforward slamming of the press. Foxton is great here and weller's guitar blistering.

Author — Alex Plumb


Safe to say everyone's here from Mock the Week.

Author — Frank Jones


How did this only get to No. 27 in 1978? Compared to the absolute rubbish that was in the charts back then, this was miles better than anything else at the time. The 7 inch single cover alone is brilliant let alone the song being excellent. Great B sides too.

Author — James Wilkins


the years when a guitar a bass and drums were more than enough to produce great rock 'n' roll

Author — Dimitris Tsakonas


he was pretty good here!..spell binding, headbutting..proper jammin nutbuster!!..

Author — Paul Touhig


With regards to the media at the moment, it should be called "Noose of the world". 😬

Author — M 2019


At the time there was an article in the ‘Sounds’ music paper on about Paul Weller’s ability on the guitar. I hadn’t a clue WTF they were on about back then. 40 odd years later I can at last see what they were making a fuss about.

Author — Peter MacCabe


Great band! The bassist is the missing link between Kyle Reese and David Bowie.

Author — Alan Brando