Caught on Tape: Tsunami hits Japan port town

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New video released shows the moment when the tsunami hit a small Japanese port town.

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at 0:36 there is a person on the roof. when the camera comes back to that spot later in the video, everything is gone. so sad 🌺

Author — milogirl02


watching this during the quarantine, this world is so scary.

Author — Osama Gamal


Rest in peace to the victims of this tragedy.

Author — Steven Roberts


There are two people on the house with black roof @ 1:24 and they lived! I saw a Japanese documentary where they were interviewed. They said they were hanging on underwater and then the daughter got to the very top of the roof and pulled her mother up and just held onto her and the roof until the water went back out again. She said she could hear people yelling encouragements from the hill "just hang on!"

Author — IloveyouLenaKatina


Goes to show no matter what we do, humans are insignificant when it comes to nature.

Author — Brady Tiel


I feel so bad for these people and the animals as well.

Author — Ritsuka


1:23 in another video they tell the story of a lady and her elder mother who are seen here on top of a building. They survived.

Author — joparicutin


00:46 Muffled screams that become clearer as the house is torn apart. I cannot even imagine the terror. Your whole house ripped off its foundation, torn to pieces in a matter of seconds.

Author — texasBMXer


My God. This tsunami is at least 15 meters (50 ft) high. Gantry crane is halfway submerged.

Author — Dawid Warszawski


We went to the place where it happened.
after seing this video I realized that sendai(the city) changed a lot, no more houses you could literally say it’s a ghost town.

Author — KoiKoiDis


0:35 so sad to see the man staying there while watching the water swept everything, he look scares and RIP

Author — Semangat Baru


The people that stood on the roof of a shorter building, RIP:(

Author — TsunamiFPS


It took me 5 years to re-discover the video. The scream when the house was taken away is something I cannot forget. It's quite surprising the camera man didn't record what happened to the people seen or heard in the video...maybe he didn't want to for moral reasons?

Author — tomasmalin


This is so sad 😭 I feel so sorry for anyone who drowned that’s the last way I wanna die

Author — Nola Kidd


The guy on the roof was calmly pacing with his hands n his pocket guess he was ready

Author — Youngsmooth Ent


that person on the rooftop is gone.... the whole building is gone...

Author — 123haninhk


Never seen anything like this. RIP prayers to them all

Author — penny williams


0:40 - 2:20

A moment of science.. How terrifying it must have been to figure out you chose the wrong building.

Author — Kieran Calder


..The volume of water that just wouldn't stop

Author — Shashika Naidoo


0:47 is someone screaming from the very house that's being swept away by water?

Author — Storm Spotter