2020 RS Aero Atlantic Coast Championship - Race 3 - 360 video

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360 degree video: use your mouse to look up/down/sideways, whenever you'd like! Or if viewing on a phone, you can tilt the phone or swipe. Click "show more" below for description of what's happening in the video. Please hit the subscribe button to get notification of new videos!

RS Aero 2020 Atlantic Coast Championship (Race 3)
October 3, 2020
Cedar Point Yacht Club, Westport CT
5-10 knots of wind

360 degree view w/Marc Jacobi sailing an RS Aero 9

Filmed with Insta360 One-R camera.

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Awesome video and a great insight into the perspective of a pro! Couple of questions though: Firstly how on earth are you getting that perspective on the 360 camera. I’m guessing its attached to some sorta pole that’s in turn connected to the trans some but it’s really hard to tell. Secondly, I noticed that you had quite a lot of tiller movement, especially on the upwind legs. Do you not find that it is easier to use a shorter tiller extension which you can lock down on your thigh to reduce the movement of the helm as much as possible?

Author — Fox Among Deli


The cam boat was doing a lot of rocking and rolling downwind....

Author — Russell Moore


Very good video, pleas visit, the secretes of Musandam seas

Author — DiveMusanadam


isnt that too much rocking and pumping upwind or was it legal that day?

Author — Evan