Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!

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Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.

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Well this is probably my favourite theory

Author — Slogo Fan



Among us lore: connection terminated.

Author — 5K Subscribers Challenge


Theory: due to a reference n Henry stick in. The 2 games are in the same universe. The spacesuits hold stickman in them. The reason why you can get Henry stickmin and Ellie as pets is. Those are mini crewmate without suits on. It's also why there is a poster of Henry stickmin
He got famous after the events in his own game.. We never actually see them without suits in among us. So the 2 worlds are 1

Author — Forty e


Continuation theory:

Since the Among Us easter egg in Henry Stickman said "See something, say something", this could imply that the Alien Parasite has already reached the Planet Earth. Those aren't posters advertising a game, those were posters telling people to reveal information. The events of Among Us didn't happen in the future, it happens during Henry's time (the modern time). Some company has probably obtained deep-spacespace travel already, because leaving the atmosphere seems more like an expensive project than something only the government can do guessing on how the Top Hat Clan built a space station and mass-transported their members so easily, probably have been easier if it weren't for the government.

But I'm pretty sure they'll be fine. Henry can use the Distraction Dance to distract them long enough to push them out of airlocks, or use his Spirit "Reference" to beat the poo out of them.

Author — Analogical Euphimism


Whoever said “bruh stop milking this” is dumb tbh. These Among Us vids are amazing. Call it “milking” or whatever u want but these videos are good. Keep it up MatPat and GT team.

Author — Juan Pena


"stop milking among us"
me, who was along for fnaf: *laughter*

Author — Pony Lover


matpat: crewmates are similar to humans in the way they need oxygen to survive
every other animal on earth: *are we a joke to you?*

Author — Secret Browser


I know Matpat won't see this, but I would LOVE for him to do a Henry Stickmin Theory. That game was a part of my internet childhood, and is now my obsession, so I would love it. (I don't actually have any theories for it, but I would love to see one. Please Matpat!!)

Author — Lancus Maxwell


MatPat: ‘it’s one step closer to the infection of everyone on the planet.’

2020: *softly* don’t...

Author — Loot Llama


Therapist: lanky crewmate isn’t real he can’t hurt you
Lanky crewmate:

Author — Shoopy Doopy


Random Dude: "Stop milking this"
Me: *instantly thinks about all his Fnaf videos*

*B r u h*

Edit: I just realized he made a fnaf reference/joke lmao

Author — I'm Ash


Yes we NEED a Henry stick man theory!!

Author — _Neko抽籤


*line drops*
Me: whut

You should make that theory with Henry. I loved those games growing up.

Author — Phin86


*"Larger People require more food"*

Me: **Laughs in Shortness**

Author — Uncle Iroh


Game Theory: *the theorist that makes games have evil lore since you was born*

Author — bloxest


I did saw this movie “the thing”, when I was young like 8 and scared the **** out of me.

Author — HyperCalmeQc


“taller people are just more massive than short people”
-matthew patrick, 2020

Author — Michelle Marie


Mat:*figuring out the lore of the game*
Me:*just barely figuring out that the maps are a story*

Author — die die


Someone: says matpatt is milking this already.

Also me: *shows the entire fnaf lore series* Observe

Author — Just Some Bird With Internet Access


Didn’t know a game about murderous jelly beans could be so deep 🤣🤣

Author — Tbones