Concorde-From the cockpit, Take-off and landing.

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Cockpit cams show crew at work taking off from Heathrow then landing at Washington DC, Clips courtesy BBC show Holiday Air 1989

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How come the good stuff we cant do anymore is all from the 60s/70s.  Supersonic airliner.  Space shuttle.    Landing on the moon.   Rock music??

Author — Dale Jackman


I had the lucky opportunity to fly on this magnificent aircraft in March 2003 for my 40th birthday, I can't believe I came across this video with First Officer Chris Norris, he was the Captain on my flight from LHR to JFK, obviously some years later than this video as he looks very young here. Best experience I have ever had, just wow !!! Thanks for posting this video, Chris Attwood.

Author — Christopher attwood


The new generations consider the ability to post selfies to be a giant leap for the human race.

Author — DMH Productions


The very best of British gentlemen flyers at one with an engineering calm, collected, highly professional and oh so polite!...a real treat to watch.

Author — badmattam


258 dislikes? 258 people with no sense of magnitude.

Author — qqleq2


What's your vector, victor? We have clearance, Clarence. Roger, roger.

Author — johnnyrocket92


Imagine a modern Concorde with a glass cockpit....

Author — Vess


240 knots just after becoming airborne. What an aircraft.

Author — Ian Mcdowall


It breaks my heart that I never had the chance to fly on this masterpiece of aviation

Author — Clint Shepherd


2020: Watching this feeling like the world is going backwards towards the 7th century....

Author — Bib The Boulder


Funny how we now look to the past to see futuristic technology.

I miss the Concord.

Author — YTSDebunker


john hutchinson was the head of the british airways Skyflyers club, for young flyers. I was a founder member of that club, used to be called flightrider. I still have my logbooks from those days..

Author — R Bousfield


gimme dials, knobs, switches, levers, power, aero-dynamics, shockwaves, Rolls and Royce

Author — ila1964


I like the gentlemanship they have in the cockpit.

Author — Cl4rendon


I can imagine how other pilots looked up to these guys when they walked out of that mach 2 cruiser.

Author — Akhil Ghosh


most beauthifull plane ever bild...and timeless design to

Author — Boer Gonje


C'mon Airbus and Boeing.Design something outsanding like this.

Author — Ahmed Khan


Like if anyone wish Concorde was still around

Author — Saidur Sarker


Just wonderful, the crew positively reek of British professionalism. John Hutchinson has always impressed me, an interesting man.

Author — Soupdragon1964


2:03"Prepare yourself now for a sequence of events which are unlike any other flying experience..." Concorde was build almost 50 years ago, engineers from the 60's 'had some balls back then, when power and beauty are combined

Author — MrMouns63