Concorde-From the cockpit, Take-off and landing.

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Cockpit cams show crew at work taking off from Heathrow then landing at Washington DC, Clips courtesy BBC show Holiday Air 1989

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08:56 what a insane approach attitude. cannot believe. like a space shuttle.



It breaks my heart that I never had the chance to fly on this masterpiece of aviation

Author — Clint Shepherd


240 knots just after becoming airborne. What an aircraft.

Author — Ian Mcdowall


The very best of British gentlemen flyers at one with an engineering calm, collected, highly professional and oh so polite!...a real treat to watch.

Author — badmattam


I like the gentlemanship they have in the cockpit.

Author — Cl4rendon


I can imagine how other pilots looked up to these guys when they walked out of that mach 2 cruiser.

Author — Akhil Ghosh


My Cousin was the 1st woman pilot to fly Concorde, and she did so regularly for 10years until it retired in 2003 where she then went on to fly the boeing 777.
She died in 2011 😪
R.I.P Barbara Harmer xxx🙏
B4 the Concorde experience she flew the DC-10 for approx 6yrs and a BAC one-elevens for about 3yrs, and b4 that small commercials.
She flew Man Utd to Barcelona for the champions league final against Bayern Munich in 1999 on Concorde, and see thousands of fans wave the English flag to the team for good luck.
It took 5mins for Concorde to get to Iceland she is the pilot in the you tube vid sat on the right.
The bird was a beauty so was Barbera.
The only time I have ever stepped foot in Concorde is at Duxford Air Museum, which I moaned at them as they had NO information there on my Cousin's amazing achievement. The woman is a legend and an inspiration.

Author — patriot hammer


Funny how we now look to the past to see futuristic technology.

I miss the Concord.

Author — YTSDebunker


What's your vector, victor? We have clearance, Clarence. Roger, roger.

Author — johnnyrocket92


designed by the best, flew above the rest.

Author — Aviation Geeky


It's a shame this beautiful plane isn't in service any more :(

Author — topautos


That was world class professionalism. Hats off to the Brits.

Author — Joshua Diaz


How come the good stuff we cant do anymore is all from the 60s/70s.  Supersonic airliner.  Space shuttle.    Landing on the moon.   Rock music??

Author — Dale Jackman


An incredible aircraft. So far ahead of its time, sad it’s not still in service. Great video.

Author — Ghostrider71


Met and had a long chat with John Hutchinson when he was giving a series of talks about Concorde. They were great, one nice guy

Author — Malcolm Lewis


Fabulous professional crew, a credit to BA.

Author — urban rider


The most beautiful, graceful and delightful aircraft ever to take to the skies.

Author — sheikhyaboooty


The Captain is John Hutchinson - an absolutely fantastic speaker nowadays and a real inspiration.

Author — Jay


I will never stop missing this plane. The golden years that will never come back.

Author — Mutuura Mwangi


Just wonderful, the crew positively reek of British professionalism. John Hutchinson has always impressed me, an interesting man.

Author — Soupdragon1964