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🇰🇿 Kazakhstan's Polygon Legacy: Silent Bombs | Rewind4.5
For 40 years from, 1949 to 1989, the Soviet Union exploded 460 nuclear bombs in Eastern Kazakhstan. About 200,000 villagers living within 45 kilometres of the test site, the 'Polygon', were exposed to high levels of radiation.

Not only were they not protected but they were treated as human guinea pigs, instruments of study in the event the cold war turned into nuclear war. But what is probably most devastating of all is what is happening today.

Children born decades later and never directly exposed to nuclear fallout are sick and getting sicker. They are the product of "radiation-induced mutation in the chromosomes of sperm and ova". In other words, the damage their parents and grandparents suffered in the Soviet Union's heedlessness has not only been passed down but also intensified in the third, fourth and fifth generations.

However, others have not learned from the mistakes of those who have come before them. Late last year, North Korea triggered a 6.3 magnitude tremor as a result of its own nuclear testing, causing major structural damage and a significant number of casualties.

Shortly after, a 'human-induced' earthquake only kilometres away was recorded; one of an increasing number of earthquakes caused by human activity.

Gillian Foulger, professor of geophysics at Durham University, has compiled a comprehensive list of hundreds of similar instances, as a means to study cause, effect and due consequences.

"It's well-known that this occurs, it has been observed many times - for example, at the Nevada test site, with American nuclear testing. Following these tests, there is such a disruption of the local stress field that swarms of earthquakes often occur," says Foulger.

With the potential for these disruptions to build to full-scale earthquakes, the strongest recorded being a magnitude 7.9 earthquake, which activities should elicit more care and control before they are executed to avoid these repercussions and what can be done to do so?

Editor's note: This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

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Thank you Al Jazeera for sharing the truth about polygon in Kazakhstan. Because not all people know about these horrible consequences of Sovet Union experiments. I hope these experiments in other countries will stop in the future and will not have such victims and consequences

Author — Akbayan Bakitzhanova


Nuclear testing and dissemination are crimes against humanity.

Author — Sky Flower


I hate Soviet Union ненавижу их, пусть Аллах покарает их, даже в гробу,

Author — aizhan sabitova


And no one will ever be held accountable for what has happened

Author — Beth Roesch


So many years we were colony of Russia :(

Author — Don Alejandro


Who decides whose life is worth nothing? Too little too late. Nobody to fight the injustice.. Money is everything. Prove yet again.

Author — Rima T


I hate Russia, they occupied Kazakhs and tortured them for decades

Author — Дана Умаркулова


Human race is most disgusting beings in the universe how could people be used as test subjects i hate this planet

Author — mogaza moha


so blind you you all are, her granddaughter is the key, via genetics and exposure she had evolves to resist the radiation. say what you want... you dont know the human body as well as me.

Author — Samuel Starr


Human beings... working on evil and emptiness since Genesis

Author — J. Cláudio Barboza Jr.


Kemal Santa-Maria what a beautiful name😂

Author — Zeyin Waqıt


Some positive impacts of being colony of Russia are: losing religion, losing culture, losing language and losing almost half of the Kazakh nation. We are thankful to Allah that we got independence, but still we are desperate nation till nowadays...

Author — Adlet Issatayev


This world is disgusting...We'd better go instinct, honestly...

Author — Nina W.


old people without good health care are getting sick! - it is all Russia fault

Author — Mokosh