Tsunami - Five signs approaching tsunami

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Hi, In this video, we'll show you five disappointing phenomena that signal the approaching tsunami to the coast. This video can save your life, on your holiday, if a tsunami occurs. Thanks for watching and subscribing.

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Good information 👍 The most scariest would be if the tsunami happens at night and we can only hear its sound but not the waves...

Author — Hazel Reannez


I wouldn’t drown in a Tsunami, I’d die of heart failure seeing that coming.

Author — Chapman


You missed the Number One warning sign of tsunami...strong earthquake!

Author — MrPLC999


Tsunami's are just proof that Mother Nature can wipe out everything if she wanted to

Author — Madison Sara MCKENZIE


Also, when you begin to hear the violins, french horns and the kettle drums grow louder and louder, it's time to head for high ground.

Author — DaveBraga


I wonder if humans ever had the ability to sense weather and natural disasters before we became smart and then stupid again.

Author — BabyYeeta


While Animals running away, Humans running towards it. Who has brains here?

Author — Maayong Aga


Fun fact a girl and her father who were at the beach the daughter noticed that the waves were getting higher and closed and noticed signs of a tsunami. She told the life guard to tell everyone to go to higher ground but he didn’t believe her then her father said he agrees with his daughter and thinks ppl should go so the guard evacuated the beach and the little girl knew tsunami warning and signs because she learned it in school and ended up saving lots of lives

Author — Lavender Rose


Here's one more Warning Sign....If you are near an Ocean and you feel an Earthquake (small or large) just assume a Tsunami is coming in the next few minutes and get to higher ground. Even a small shaking could be bad because the epicenter of a major quake may be 100 miles away and may produce a monster Tsunami which could reach you in 10-15 minutes.

Author — PhotoGeorge


Another sign is when your looking at the sky and you don't know there is a tsunami coming and the birds are flying one way then they fly the other way that will tell you there is a tsunami coming

Author — Timothy Bates


The scary part is most people in these real photos are probably dead

Author — ForestDweller


I live in a state where’s no tsunamis happen cause there’s not even a an ocean near by or anywhere
I’m lucky

Author — Thundertazzy 412


Yep, also the sound of sirens blarring in the back ground is a good clue.

Author — LTC KLH


Then my parents asks me why I don't like to go to the beach

Author — Federal Bureau of Investigation


When God drops his cup of water on Earth:

Im gonna go now.

Author — Ari F. Studios


3:48 - 4:14 I would just die of Heart Attack

Author — ecstaticity


I wouldn’t have to wait for the other four - if I ever see water receding, I’m gone!

Author — Donna Abrams


The building you escape to needs to be sturdy (concrete) and at least 10 stories tall, or more to be on the safe side. A tsunami wave can be 10-15m tall or more. A good rule of thumb is the higher the magnitude of the earthquake that caused the Tsunami, the higher the waves and the stronger the tsunami is going to be.

Lets not forget that the 2004 tsunami was at peak height 30m and the Tohoku 2011 tsunami peaked at 40m. Meaning you'd have to get to the top of the Statue of Liberty (45m) to survive something like that.

Author — SailorYuki


My God, those people who were playing on the seashore were in imperceptible chaos when they were caught by the wave.😥

Author — Mark Kadosh - מרקוס קדוש


Very interesting, I will be alert for any of these signs when I am in Tsunami prone areas. Thank you 🙏

Author — Adventure with Bernie