Professor vs Smack Talker 1v1 Houston Hood Court.. GETS CALLED OUT, forced duel

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Professor vs Smack Talker 1v1 Houston Hood Court.. GETS CALLED OUT, forced duel4.5
(Spring line coming soon)

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Seemed like a nice guy not really a trash talker

Author — NICK NAME


Guy in the red is a cool dude...
For a big man he has a few moves of his own.

Author — Gus Goose


He aint an trash talker just cause he wants to play the professor

Author — this is ya know


60% “that’s not a hood court”
39% “that guy was cool”
1% other

Author — Ryan P


I like how he said don’t do that I’m a grown man. Even though he lost he seemed like a good guy.

Author — Conot


Hood court? Literally steps from the Toyota center downtown houston. Pretty nice hood.

Author — Houston Buffalo


This dude said “Houston Hood” that’s in downtown Houston 😂🚀

Author — Antonio Guzman


Professor says “Hood Court” Even though it’s 5 feet from the Rockets stadium in the heart of downtown 😂 lmao

Author — Jared


Respect all the way around. The way it should be.

Author — William Sarokon


Legend has it that Heckler’s shoulder is still dislocated to this day...

Author — DanB


Shoulda brought the o2 tank...haven’t heard that much heavy breathing since I saw Ron Jeremy bang houston500

Author — Rodman 420


Who else wants to see him 1v1 a NBA player?

Author — Connor James


Why do non athletic ball players insist on challenging one of the most athletic and creative ball handlers I've ever seen like they all lose, pro ball players can't even touch him

Author — Brandon HF


that aint no hood court... thats literally RIGHT in front of the toyota center where the rockets play

Author — Nick Lay


Both men are grown, and both had a great attitude... This is how men are supposed to act, no matter who wins.

Author — CalmBlockzYT


4:27 "Professor Is Watching You"

Author — 김태호


They calling the discovery green court “hood” 💀💀

Author — pepzayz


street ball he wins, NBA he would get called for palming all day long

Author — IO_Error


Professor vs. A fourth string football player.... 😆😄😅🤣🤣😂😂lol

Author — Tahkeem Hilton2.0


I love it when you destroy trash talkers.

Edit: I didn't see much trash talking and my man seemed like a good sport at the end. He just wanted a game.

Author — David Nwokoye