Professor vs Smack Talker 1v1 Houston Hood Court.. GETS CALLED OUT, forced duel

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Professor vs Smack Talker 1v1 Houston Hood Court.. GETS CALLED OUT, forced duel5
(Spring line coming soon)

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Seemed like a nice guy not really a trash talker

Author — NICK NAME


He aint an trash talker just cause he wants to play the professor

Author — username 1


How come anytime he plays someone the title is automatically *trash talker*

Edit: plus the guy was respectful



I like how he said don’t do that I’m a grown man. Even though he lost he seemed like a good guy.

Author — Conot


Hood court? Literally steps from the Toyota center downtown houston. Pretty nice hood.

Author — Houston Buffalo


Both men are grown, and both had a great attitude... This is how men are supposed to act, no matter who wins.

Author — CalmBlockzYT


60% “that’s not a hood court”
39% “that guy was cool”
1% other
Edit:thanks for the likes and hate

Author — Ryan P


This dude said “Houston Hood” that’s in downtown Houston 😂🚀

Author — Antonio Guzman


Professor says “Hood Court” Even though it’s 5 feet from the Rockets stadium in the heart of downtown 😂 lmao

Author — Santa on Steroids


Who else wants to see him 1v1 a NBA player?

Author — Connor James


Legend has it that Heckler’s shoulder is still dislocated to this day...

Author — dHb


Double dribbles carries but some direct play good to see that still exists

Author — Charlie Gebrail


Professor your good but all you do is flashy moves do some real moves

Author — Yonah Liebesman


Bleeps out all of the cursing, doesn't bleep out the n-word at the end of the video 6:18

Author — Louis Jordan


I been tryna bust that one out at the court but I fail every time 3:00

Author — MemeBoyExtreme


I love it when you destroy trash talkers.

Edit: I didn't see much trash talking and my man seemed like a good sport at the end. He just wanted a game.

Author — David Nwokoye


I legit live like 10 mins away from that court it's a very nice court and has plenty of cool places around it especially the rockets stadium

Author — Gibby ,


If I ever meet the professor, imma 1v1 him with my legs taped together lol.
Only true fans would get this joke.

Author — Dark Bomber


Just imaging if The Professor’s dribbling moves were in nba2k

Author — Mekiyan Bynum


Professor just go to the nba no need for smack talkers you need ppl like Durant curry lebron 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣❤

Author — king gameing