USA military assisting terrorists will be the goal of Turkey. Afrin

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US military assisting terrorists will be the goal of Turkey

Vice-Premier of Turkey, Bekir Bozdag, made a statement. At the meeting, he said that "Turkey does not like the US interference in their affairs. If the US does not stop, then the purpose of the Turkish army in Afrin will be the American military dressed in the uniform of terrorists. "

In addition, he added - "If terrorists do not leave the city of Manbijah, in Syria, then the Turkish army will have to clean this city, and after that, they will advance east of the Euphrates."

According to the Turkish commanders, in Afrin. Az 16 days of operation, more than 900 terrorists were neutralized.

Recall that the operation "Olive Branch" began on January 20 and is directed against the Kurdish terrorist groups.

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Looks like Turkey is on the menu boys.

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