Exploring ISTANBUL Turkey 🇹🇷Adventure VAN LIFE Around the World

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We continue our around the world drive and explore the wonderful city of Istanbul. We meet up with new friends and enjoy life before self isolation hits.

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Travel vlog 293 | Istanbul | Country 30/197

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In case you don't know us - let us introduce ourselves - we are Chris (48) & Marianne (51). We are a married travel couple. We recently quit our jobs and sold our belongings to travel full time.

After more than 22 years of marriage we are still best friends

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We Japanese love Turkey.I am Japanese.On September 16, 1890, An Ottoman ship Ertuğrul Fırkateyni was wrecked in the sea near Japan. Most of the people on the boat were many thrown into the sea because of the storm.
Japanese people rescued the Turks thrown into the sea.The Japanese continued to rescue the Turks without rest. 69 Turks have been rescued.Japan treated the injured many Turks who were saved. The Japanese gave the Turkish a warm meal every day. So many Japanese donated money to save the Turks.The Japanese loved and cared for the 69 Turkish people.
The Turks injury has healed.
And Japan sent the survivors of the Turks safely to the Ottoman Empire.The 69 Turks were able to reunite with their beloved family and friends.
The Japanese love Turkish, memorial ceremonies are still held for Turkish people who have died.

Author — 岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada


Hi you two.. we are settling down to watch. It was amazing before the Lockdown but hey we are still loving it here in Istanbul xoxo

Author — Steve Owens


I love the British because they have beautiful English accents. 🇬🇧❤️🇹🇷

Author — Metin2 Ege Vernichter


Don’t you just love Turkey one of my favourite places in the world....fantastic food, people and country...have fun my friends...your end up one or two sizes plus with all that food...🍺🥂👍

Author — Horacio Goncalves


Chris, I laughed when you said "that's another building"as it was Aya Sofia built in 500 AD by Justinian to be the largest church in Christendom for 1000 years. until St.Peters was built in 1500 AD. If you haven't been to see it you haven't been to Istanbul.Dare I say these are the best travel series on youtube we have seen.

Author — Leopoldus Carniolus


I am so happy to follow you. Love from Bodrum, Turkey.

Author — Pelin Dirin


Taj Mahal ve sultan Ahmet Cami Mimar sinanın öğrencileri tarafından tasarlanmıştır, Mimar Sinan dünya tarihinin en önemli mimarlarından biridir.

Author — Abdil Bozkurt


I was on holiday in Bodrum about 14 years ago, and got a domestic flight to Istanbul, stayed 3 days before going back to Bodrum. Istanbul is amazing, would love to go back for longer. Highly recommended! Great video you guys, keep safe! 🇬🇧

Author — Gail Hickman



Author — Vatan Sever


This is literally my Netflix for the past 3 days. ☺️☺️☺️

Author — June Agsaoay


Hi guys, am Loving Istanbul and all that food is great. Looks just as i thought, busy, busking and lots of food. Love tall the Sites, hope to see it someday. #Staysafe guys 😍😍👍💖💖💖

Author — fiana jojiana


Another adventurous day...I'd like visit Istanbul...now I do it with you.Thanks for your encouraging smiles...

Author — martina MF


Thank you making so beatiful videos for my country!Welcome to Turkey!!!Enjoy each minutes you spend there:)

Author — noor g k


Hi guys! Wanted to make sure you knew that the Google Translate app has a camera option that can translate any language. You just point the camera at the text and it automatically translates on your screen like magic. The brochure that's in Turkish made me think of that. Hopefully you know about it already but just in case! Will definitely help you in Russia too!

Author — Brandon M


We really hope you guys can get back on the road soon, love from Norway!

Author — Tuur



Author — Kaan Çomruk


very nice movies about Turkey and turkish peoples and meal... GO ON ! We love you !

Author — Ugur Vatan


I saw you in Show TV and i seeing in here. Welcome to Turkey. ♥️

Author — Emre Savaş


Thanks for being a bright spot in a pretty dismal time! From Ohio, U.S.

Author — Kenneth Cole


You should've seen the Asian part :D I would like to show you around not only the touristic areas more like hidden gems. :D And if you guys ever visit Muğla we'd be more than happy to host you in our holiday village :)

Author — Eyup Atasoy