Jim Acosta asks Sarah Sanders if Trump's presidency is in danger

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Jim Acosta asks Sarah Sanders if Trump's presidency is in danger4
CNN's Jim Acosta asks White House press secretary Sarah Sanders if she thinks that President Trump's presidency is in danger because of the indictments of Roger Stone and other Trump allies.

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Imagine if Obama declared a state of emergency to pay for health care. Republican heads would explode.

Author — Sin City Quinn


Flint ain't fixed. Murderous cowards, fix the water in Flint, Michigan.

Author — Audie



I was wondering if you would not mind commenting on the recent Neilson ratings report where CNN came in 13th among cable shows
Lower than hgtv, lower than the food network, even lower than sponge bob square pants on Nickelodeon. Also if you can comment on the CNN layoffs last year and why in late 2018 you closed your London office and let everyone go.

Also why Wikipedia has a page dedicated to CNN bias and fake news stories
Also why the twitter audit showed that CNN had 17 million fake twitter accounts
Sad, truly sad
You can’t even break a million viewers on a good night and you wonder why your news channel ratings are in the toilet.

Author — Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat


Stone has a pointed head. It is obvious he gets loaded on something.

Author — David Copperfield-not the magician


5, 000 troops to Columbia? Those poor kids will be used as bait, just like George W Bush and Donald Rumsfield did to my generation at the start of the Afghanistan war. Send in a few troops, and when the *"enemy"* shows itself; launch some missiles from 200 miles away and kill everyone.
The USA needs to get cheep oil from somewhere. After losing in Iraq and Syria, I guess Venezuela is the only solution?

Author — Q the omnipotent


No matter what trump says, Sanders defends. She doesn't need to hear what he says. Her response is automatic. She is that well programmed. I sincerely believe her soul has been revoked long, long ago.

Author — Jason Thomas


Lol what if she just burst into tears and said

Author — mrgirl


I think I know how Sarah got that lazy eye...

Author — BingBing BongBong


Literalism is a mental illness, find the cure🤕

Author — G Milla


Sarah (HOG) Sanders is headed for a mental breakdown.
She has no idea what is headed her way.

Author — Lou Montana


SANDERS OJEDA 2020 A wise old man and a young bad ass paratrooper. Unbeatable!

Author — bambusario


Hello person scrolling through the comments I hope you have a great Year😁

Author — last alive


"Hiding in a cave", "Took him to the woodshed", "Dirty Trickster" "Snared in the Russia investigation". What kinda yellow journalism is CNN practicing? "Good work, Jim". PATHETIC.

Author — Armandhammer


5000 troops in Columbia?

thats alotta blow and hookers.🤔

Columbia getting an economic surge.😅

Author — John Penley


If you look at the situation in terms of pure quantifiable logic one of two things MUST be true Trump had no idea about the corrupt nature of all those individuals (who have now been arrested /apprehended )who were working alongside him, In which case he is an ineffectual leader by virtue of his categorical unawareness of what is going on around him, making him unfit to be president . Or he is lying and knows and has always known about the immorality that surrounds him, and the nature of the men he has chosen to be closest to him in Washington, in which case he is someone who is categorically unable to be truthful and is untrustworthy, which also makes him unfit to be president not really bothered which you choose, but at this point whether he DID or DIDN’T know is actually logically immaterial.

Author — oriel octave


800, 000 families starving and freezing for want of a paycheck, and it might happen again in two weeks or so.

Sarah Sanders does 30 minutes work in two months, gets paid.

Trump Era in a nutshell.

Author — Bill Voss


With Sara Sanders we are learning to believe the OPPOSITE of what she says.

Author — Cleetus Luckas


Didn’t know Valentine’s Day was on February 18th 🤦‍♂️

Author — Johnny Hang


Don't give him one dollar for the wall. Give for security, but not for a stupid wall with tunnels underneath.

Author — Angel cakes


CNN needs to address the accusations made that jim acosta is a russian spy embedded in the US media to stir dissent in the American public!
we know your background jim Acosta AKA RUSSIAN SPY!

Author — Paul C