Jim Acosta asks Sarah Sanders if Trump's presidency is in danger

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CNN's Jim Acosta asks White House press secretary Sarah Sanders if she thinks that President Trump's presidency is in danger because of the indictments of Roger Stone and other Trump allies.

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Imagine if Obama declared a state of emergency to pay for health care. Republican heads would explode.

Author — Sin City Quinn


Flint ain't fixed. Murderous cowards, fix the water in Flint, Michigan.

Author — Audie



I was wondering if you would not mind commenting on the recent Neilson ratings report where CNN came in 13th among cable shows
Lower than hgtv, lower than the food network, even lower than sponge bob square pants on Nickelodeon. Also if you can comment on the CNN layoffs last year and why in late 2018 you closed your London office and let everyone go.

Also why Wikipedia has a page dedicated to CNN bias and fake news stories
Also why the twitter audit showed that CNN had 17 million fake twitter accounts
Sad, truly sad
You can’t even break a million viewers on a good night and you wonder why your news channel ratings are in the toilet.

Author — Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat


Stone has a pointed head. It is obvious he gets loaded on something.

Author — David Copperfield-not the magician


Hello person scrolling through the comments I hope you have a great Year😁

Author — insecure


Sarah (HOG) Sanders is headed for a mental breakdown.
She has no idea what is headed her way.

Author — Lou Montana


3:00 the shape of that head tho..

what the heck did his mama do to him 😭😭😭😂😂

Author — Ali Baebee


I love how CNN get caught lying on the daily 😂 good entertainment though 😂 the only reason they still have a news channel is because they're funded by the elite. Mark Dice gets more views than CNN ahhahahahahahahahahaha
By the way that wall is already getting built behind your backs 😂

Author — Andy Mac


800, 000 families starving and freezing for want of a paycheck, and it might happen again in two weeks or so.

Sarah Sanders does 30 minutes work in two months, gets paid.

Trump Era in a nutshell.

Author — Bill Voss


Love how Jim calls out these clowns! You sir are awesome!

Author — Rudy Herrera


"I have no interest in answering hypothetical questions" ...
**Answers hypothetical question**
What an utter twit

Author — Spookay T'is Me


What happened to the U.S. this breaks my heart

Author — Debra Key


Good for you, Jim, for doing your job. What a shame that we’ve lost sight of the role of journalism: to ask questions and seek answers. Keep it up and don’t back down

Author — Leonaza7


I think I know how Sarah got that lazy eye...

Author — BingBing BongBong


Love you Jim...keep up the great work you do and never ever back down...you are a boss!

Author — justice4all


"Show me a 100 ft wall and I'll show you a 101 ft ladder. -Janet Reno

Author — Nastassia Hicks


"Hiding in a cave", "Took him to the woodshed", "Dirty Trickster" "Snared in the Russia investigation". What kinda yellow journalism is CNN practicing? "Good work, Jim". PATHETIC.

Author — Armandhammer


What does Sarah Sanders actually do every day now that her press briefings are down to once a month?

Author — tweezerjam34


Sarah's husband: do you love me?
Sarah: look I've told you this before, is the same thing I said before. The answer remains the same.
Sarah's husband: ok, but answer my question
Sarah: we are not going to get into this right now.
Sarah's husband: FVCKIN liar

Author — A R


Pelosi took trump to the wood shed. Lol Jim Acosta ❤️