Why Trump waited until after relief bill was passed to push for $2,000 checks

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Several aid programs are set to expire in the coming days unless President Trump signs the latest COVID relief bill into law. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid spoke to CBSN's Tom Hanson about what's standing in the way of the extension of added unemployment benefits and eviction protections.

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The more I here them call us "The American People" the more its starting to sound like "they" are not with "us". Im just saying.

Author — Philip Hargrave


Give people a $5, 000 payment and stop sending money to other countries

Author — Sassy me


We ought to get 8 months back pay sense they've all lied to use for that long.

Author — Debra Stevens


If the government shutdown includes senators and the house of representatives don't get paid i am all for it.

Author — Sam jonson Jonson


We don’t need “hope” we NEED our government to actually do their jobs and give Americans covid relief!!

Author — Drinks Watere


May God help this nation and the world in the mighty name of Yeshua (Jesus Christ)!

Author — Djor du


Stop paying taxes to this corrupt government

Author — Bruno Perlstein


We do not need to give to other countries. We can not afford it.

Author — Shirley Smith


People need the money instead of you giving all this money over seas you take care of your own people first.

Author — Michael Merrill


They need to extend the Eviction Moratorium right now

Author — James Lafferty


This wasn't an accident. They know exactly what shenanigans they're pulling.

Author — Rude Crude Socially Unacceptable Studios


Give me back my 15k in taxes I paid this year.

Author — Panda Bear


My rent is more than $600 these politicians are sick.

Author — Steve L


Let's talk about the BILLIONS of dollars they want to give to other countries... And some countries don't even like the United States

Author — Angelo Damian


Why is it a bill to assist the people always end up at the eleventh hour? It is a damn shame and disgrace.

Author — Ms D


Government is the virus.. I won't trust the government again till ALL the corrupt politicians are in prison!

Author — J B


WHY is CBS not talking about how bad the details of this bill are, and why these rich people in Congress refuse to help Americans that lost they're jobs

Author — Jus Rarsh


They dont mind giving Trillions of dollars to the Corporations and their buddies, but God forbid they help the American People! Relief should have been available every month since the beginning of the pandemic.

Author — David Graylord


These politicians pockets are fat. Living the american dream but nothing for the citizens. We're just here to maintain there living expenses.

Author — sweetie


Veto damn bill they giving more money to ppl out country then in so much for hope she talking about .

Author — Cecil Kent