Polar route of China - One Belt One Road Initiative - Arctic policy of China - Current Affairs 2018

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Polar route of China - One Belt One Road Initiative - Arctic policy of China - Current Affairs 20185


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Author — Study IQ education


Thank you Prashant sir .it's becoming a habit for me before going to bed I enjoy your daily video. You are helping everyone by this Noble job. You have got such a great voice. Pleas mention the video recording date in the starting of the video. Thank you .God bless you

Author — deepak gogoi


i think not only india but also all our countries in the world should oppse ....this...instead of making profit, they must find a solution how we can stop the globle

Author — jyoti vaghela


Jab planet hi nhi rahega to trade kiske sath karoge

Author — Shivanshu Mishra


If anyone from Assam plz like this comment 👍

Author — Pinki Borah


When an animal dies, it's family cries, but the savage wild dog feels happy bcz it sees food...

Author — Bhargavi Suhas


कुदरत को नुक़सान दे कर किया गया कोई भी विकास ब्याज के साथ मूल भी वापस लेने के लिए प्राकृतिक आपदा बन कर वापस आता है।

Author — Sourabh Patel


I don't think India should participate in such type of initiative, India has been standing in support of small iland countries n deeply concerned about climate change

Author — Ravi kumar


Global warming se jo country doobengi unka haq hona chahiye ARCTIC pr

Author — Amit Yadava


Sir why did you paint out the region of Jammu and Kashmir on the maps shown in this video ?
Big fan of your videos but disappointed on seeing this.
We being Indians should proudly claim it and mark it as Indian Territory which was and has been taken and is shown as disputed or belonging to them in their country's maps.

Author — Advaitaa Shinde


No, India should not join this initiative. At the world level, India should rise this topic as our concern to climate change and show china Hippocratic face to the world, as how it claims for china sea.

Author — anjana choudhary


Thanks for uploading it.. You are doing a great job..

Author — tapanjeet roy


No India should oppose this lousy project, we should definitely stand against this, no matter how we can much generate profit on this, this is unconscious things of devloped and devloping countries.
what about climate change?
what about island countries?
our profit is much lower than this questions.
countries like India, Japan, France, Germany and U.K must oppose this(US has its own mindset)
if we stand against this we can create our better image to the world, and then big and small countries must realize that India is a mature country and they would be turst us in future.
and as result we can must provide a strong stand for U.N permanent membership and no countries accuse it.(accept lousy china)

Author — Devang Piplodiya


Well, If it is totally melted by 2030 then any action can't stop it so India welcome it but any action can stop or slow process of melting then India should not be supporting china.

Author — Shuva Mondal


as we have taken the initiative about IndARC to know about the temperature variation then it will be wrong that if we have the collaboration with the China to make a silk road.
Because one of the main agenda of the world is global warming now.
Moreover China has two fold, on one side China say that we have freedom according to rule to trespassing of any waterways and another side is China don't want to make trespassing in the South China sea to any other country.
Andaman and nicobar and lakshadweep are both of the such type of territory of our country, if the water level of the sea increase then it may be in the dangerous position

Author — Invention by Panchal brothers


thank you. PRASHANT DHAWAN sir... and thank you STUDY IQ

Author — Chanakya bharti


Only option A yes Artic council is the initiative of govt. Of Finland

Author — Amandeep Singh


Sir ur explanation is great. I have one request plz confine ur videos to 10 min sir plz

Author — TJ Reddy


India should stand against polar silk route.
After all, we Indians are deeply concerned over climate change.

Author — Common User


russia wale china ko port denge militry base kai liye, biggest joke of the day

Author — Narender Modi Fan Club