China floods: World's biggest dam nears capacity - BBC News

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The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River is nearing capacity after weeks of record floods in China. Authorities have had to reassure people the massive structure will hold.

The floods have killed hundreds of people and hundreds of thousands have been evacuated.

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They had finally reported this now? This news was months ago. Old news right here.

Author — david marjason


It's overwhelming. I'm too scared to think of the possibility of its break.

Author — Breathe Now


2020 is the year of the years. ..& it's not over yet. ..

Author — Cecilia Anamaria


I expect slightly nervous construction engineers.

Author — john hansberry


A legend once said: "What if this whole 2020 disaster is just a trailer for 2021."

Author — Alex Aly


What is this ... a news story for people who haven't watched the news for over a month?

Author — Jeffrey Johnson


i love how they could have someone explain it in less than 30 seconds but chooses to put text up to make it longer so you have to wait and read each bit bruh

Author — Skimpinator


The kyak enthusiasts are watching that discharge water and thinking,

Author — Howie Dewin


just getting rid of that evergreen evidence

Author — rick Woods


Same old footage. Nothing new. Wasted my time.

Author — Txiv Mos ab


Oh well Californias on fire welcome to the earth changing its cycle

Author — Mr Nobody


Another symptom to add to the Covid list. Heavy rain!

Author — Rudy Mental999


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Author — Morgan Savage


The engineering of this dam is fail. I hope will fixed this soon

Author — iwhdbid josksjbx


That dam is gonna be destroyed in years to come mark my words ( *I dont wish that to happen*)

Author — Chris Barkho


on Sir Daniel Mancilla's words ... sometimes i have to pinched myself as if i was not dreaming ... digital platform too fast unlike in print ... good morning

Author — Eddie De Leon


*United Nations you will NEVER BE ABLE to harm me again*

Author — Teresa Baker


May those who passed RIP ❤️ and I hope that the are able to come out of that on top, and that, that structure will hold up for them.

Author — Momo43 Momo


Does anyone know Vegas odds on the Dam bursting on Sunday ? I put all my money on next Monday,
now I think I better hedge my bet

Author — James Gathings