Rove: Harris' big government proposals lack cost analysis

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Rove: Harris' big government proposals lack cost analysis4.5
Democratic Senator Kamala Harris kicks off her presidential campaign by touting programs like 'Medicare for all' and universal pre-K; reaction and analysis from Karl Rove, Fox News contributor and former White House deputy chief of staff.

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Kamala has never been “clear-eyed” to me. She just seems like an angry, manipulative, self-victimized, race-baiting socialist.

Author — AJ V


Kamala Harris never met someone else's dollar she didn't want to spend.

Author — SwissArmy1984


We don't need or want a Democratic as President, let alone one from California.

Author — witcracker1


She launched the bid in Oakland....what else is to know 😂. Is a Trash city

Author — Heyden Morales Santiago


Harris committed tyranny against the people of California as atty general by refusal to defend our state constitution. Why has she not been prosecuted? Lock her up!

Author — Johnny James


She didn’t show costs because she doesn’t want taxpayers to know how much of their income she needs for her globalism plan

Author — Sunshyne07 Fl


Wow her speech was basically I will spend all the money you make. Good old socialism.

Author — Crazy Canadian


If Harris is the nominee next year then Trump will be reelected.

Author — Justin Lee 2008


The United States is dying and the symptoms are clear and obvious the cancer which is killing it socialism.

Author — RadicalPatriot


the financial facts have never mattered to her. she will just raise your taxes

Author — dave thompson


There gos the dems again starting off lying and makeing empty statments .

Author — James Poole


That women could not get my vote if she payed me for it

Author — Mike Smith


she ended her campaign with this simple statement... I will reverse all the tax breaks...

Author — Bill Boyd


Karl Rove would have a better chance at running then Kamala Harris.

Author — Jesus is Theonlyway


Kamala is a bucket of corruption, she slept her way to the top, the old fashioned way.
Schultz cant even make a proper cup of coffee. You cant Make America Great by adding milk, sugar, caramel, ice,

Author — Sam Nickerson


Kamala is legions of demons. Starbucks customers, look at those teeth you paid for. Free coffee for everyone would get him elected. Is there life before coffee?! Wow! Mr. Big (Teeth) Can hear Trump

Author — Mark Scheinfeld


Kamala Harris is COMPLETELY wasting her TIME and her DONERS MONEY she won't EVEN be....CLOSE!!

Author — Wayne


Thank the all mighty Lord, that Trump didn't adopt a dog, otherwise he'd be under investigation too

Author — Marrie Trueman


Kamala reminds me of that mean old Aunt, no one likes!

Author — Alfred Corrales III


Cuntmilla Harris loves to spend your money.

Author — ez1913