The RTX 3080 Benchmarks... do they even come close to expectations?

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The RTX 3080 Benchmarks are in... so do they even come close to what we expected??

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So I said in this video that the FE is $800 it’s actually $700.... facepalm. I’m so used to the $100 premium on the FE that I kept adding it to this generation... SO, all the extra performance comes at 12.5% less money vs 2080. That’s an even bigger oooof for 20 series

Author — JayzTwoCents


I need to know just how much faster the 3090 is. Will it be able to hit 4k 120fps in all games? I'm loving my LG CX and I want to take full advantage of it.

Author — Movie Games


Jay: ill get to talking about the performance
Also Jay: *starts talking about the card lighting up*
XD man i love this guy

P.S. missing the old benchmark background music

Author — Om Chatterjee


This will be a nice card to have when it is available after the rush...in 2022

Author — AT3Tucker


Jay that was an honest thing to say "Take our benchmark with a grain of salt" and tell everyone to go compare to other reviewers. Good man

Author — The Swarm


How they do it?
Remember when they closed down Area 51.
This was the teck they moved from there.🤔

Author — marcos g


He predicted that I did in fact like the music on the benchmarks

Author — Ronan Sakal


12:58 i was alone in discord not deafen watching this...

Author — Hana Song


I liked this simply for the "fight me bro!" at 17:15. I love Jay starting with his fans!

Author — Jim Harrington


Cant wait to see how the RTX 3070 actually stacks up.

Author — XXXFezan _


Idc if it’s too hard to get...

I can’t afford it anyway 🤷‍♂️

Author — ThermoWater


"Get as much information as you can..."

Its going to be a long night

Author — LeoNyeDis


The music was good (watched it again for the tunes). :P

Author — Duds


Jay lying in bed at night: The 2080Ti's a good card dammit
Wife: yes Jay its a great card go to sleep

Author — 86Themadhatter


Jayz : "here is the benchmarks"

Me : *Jams to the beat*

Author — Atra Yousif


Sponsored tower but they aren't even in stock 🤦‍♂️

Author — Brett


12:56 "No, you shut up!" Thought someone was on my phone on a call as I was watching this. Lol

Author — Rethinking Everything


Man I’m glad I decided to stay with my 1440p 144hz monitor xD

Author — Cale Florenzen


That intro was 10/10 lol I replayed it over 20 times simple but hilarious !

Author — Louis P.


8:53 "AMD and Intel take 10 times more money for one..."
How the times have changed.

Author — Alorand