Nepal:The Quake That Shook Everest

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A special programme on the earthquake that devastated Nepal and sparked deadly avalanches on the world's highest mountain.

Sky's Ashish Joshi reports.

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Nepal is a beautiful country, I visited Nepal when I was 12 years old with my parents and I will not forget the kindness and love the people had.

Author — 777Aviation


As a Nepalese, feel like sad, so sad. couldn't express. But now Nepal, it's rising. It's wonderful now. Please visit Nepal 🇳🇵

Author — Sudarshan Shrestha


My prayers goes out to everyone affected by the earthquake in Nepal. And may god help Nepal, and hold his hand over them, and guide them through this tragedy.

Author — Petur A. Jacobsen


My son was there filming a climber. Thank God he came home save. I prayed for all those affected by this disaster.

Author — Patty Bear


My heart goes out to the people of Nepal. Although this documentary had way too many advertisements, it was sad to watch all that suffering but I applaud the rescuers. 🙏❤️

Author — Steven Michael


Still thinking and praying 🙏 for all my Nepal 🇳🇵 friends affected by the earthquake.

Author — Jeremy Bradley


I'm from India westbengal Siliguri. Some hours of driving away from Nepal. I still remember that day even the after shocks were devastating. Its been 5 years but yet shivers my spin till down and always end up breaking into tears . My condolences for all the people from Nepal.

Author — Ankita Deb


we felt it on the way to base camp i was so scared. but im planning another treck to base camp next year. nothing will turn me away from nepal ♡ rest in peace to all who lost their lives

Author — lou lou


even today looking at the footage gives me the chills. for sure the worst thing that ever happened to us. but even amidst the tragedy it was nice to see how this tragic event brought the whole country together.

Author — B.j Gurung


I was on the top floor of my college at that time. Looking back at that day, goosebumps hit very hard. I remember the building shaking violently and walls breaking down, falling plasters, falling bricks right by my side and me running to save myself. Next 4 days with huge aftershocks made us think that it is the end. Everyone stayed in tents and prayed gods to stop this.

Author — SAndip Malla


Thankyou for all the international help we got, thankyou to all the heros.everything above Humanity ♥️🙏Rest in peace to all the people who lost their lives in that dreadful day 😔♥️

Author — Neha Shrestha


Still remember living in tent with mind full of fears...everyday was nightmare😭😭

Author — Kripa Nepali


The boy Rescued at 28:00 will have a Great story to tell .

Author — Mixed Tuber


Wish I had millions to help these people, would give it willingly.

Author — Rosemary Bleackley


My deepest condolences and sincere sympathy to the peoples of Nepal who lost their loved ones and family members due to the earthquake. Do be strong to overcome all obstacles.

Author — Ging Sing


Nepali people are loving, kind and friendly...I missed Kumar my Nepali coworker and friend. Its already the last day of Dec.2020, and still can remember my Nepali friend.

Author — Jonathan Mendoza


we had to watch this in geography and everyone was yelling at the guy when he said "should we go in the tent" when the avalanche was 2 cm away from him

Author — khalil اشراقات alma


So very sorry and sad for the loss of men in this beautiful place of our planet! RIP to all the victims. This was one of the most shocking and yet astonishing video of a group climbing the mountain, so much luck in their favor to have made it out of there alive! Seeing the Sherpas cry made my heart ache, those heroes of the mountains!

Author — Desierto's Cacti


28:43 that's so beautiful. So many volunteers, so much time. For one boy. Just beautiful ❤️

Author — AliEvaMari


Just look at them..they saved someone life..go Nepal Police. Fighting

Author — Bal kumar Thapa