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Here were the year's top 10 videos that made us LOL, many of which feature President Donald Trump.

From his wild scientific theories to his unprecedented 'knowledge' of windmills and bleach, Trump made us laugh almost as much as he made us cry.

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💬 Comments on the video

Thank the stars Joe Biden won this election!!!

Author — robert ojeda


"Nobody knows how to lie better than me"

Author — Susan Liebl


if he "understands" everything more than anyone else, how come he never understood the fact that he lost the election

Author — Avery Namath


How did we cope with this BS for 4 years? I am glad it's over.

Author — Jean-claude Edoh


Apparently, the only thing he doesn't know is how to lose with dignity.

Author — Dallas Nyberg


This President makes me so happy that i live in Australia.

Author — Luna


I can’t wait until until you know more about being incarcerated than you do! 🤣

Author — Sarah Lee


“Nobody knows insurrection better than I do, believe me.”

Author — DownwardSpy 107


Still can't believe people actually let this guy run and actually voted for him to become a President

Author — Husky Dushpadadushdushdush


I'm worried about those who took him seriously... very worrisome

Author — Voltaire


Nobody knows more about lying than me' that's the only accurate one

Author — Naima Abu


This is just depress to watch him be so confident in being that wrong

Author — Meme Lord


"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."    Martin Luther King

Author — Mary Clark


He's so full of Himself he doesn't realise he's a laughing Stock when People laugh at his Face in crowds!

Author — Aaron Arshad


The expression on Deborah Bird’s face when the President is discussion using disinfectant inside the body is priceless.

Author — Karen Watkins


"In the White house, the mighty White house, The LIAR Tweets LMAO

Author — wadedblade


Every time he says “most people don’t know” it means he just learned something. Hey don, we all knew!

Author — Anthony Campagnolo


Funny how a man who claims to know more than anyone else about everything didn't know HE LOST! And we DID vote him away, thank God!

Author — Loveoldies50


"Nobody knows more about modesty than I do."

Author — Dee John


I wish he would go over to the other side and never come back.

Author — Kelleen Grimm