5 Tips to Get Your Finances in Order

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Need to fix your finances? Check out these tips on how to take control of your cash and achieve financial freedom!

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We need to talk about money...

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5 Tips to Get Your Finances in Order

7 Money Mindsets You Should Shift Right Now

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QOTD: How do you keep your finances in order?

Author β€” Amy Landino


With me having a personal finance channel myself, I’d have to say the advice you give that sticks out to me is keeping track of EVERYTHING.

Guys, you’d be surprised on how much money you spend on things that frankly don’t matter and don’t make your life any better. Identifying those, and cutting those expenses can drastically change the way you think about money.

Great video, AMY!

Author β€” Reggie Bryant


My mother works for a bank, and while the bank may have the ability to change your fees, not everyone you may speak to will. Be patient if you get redirected or someone says they can’t help you. Don’t go all Karen. Workers want to help, but may not have the authority or capability.

Author β€” Alicia Hill


I write all of my purchases in my calendar and any emotion if it was emotional spending, cash or a credit card.

Author β€” Ashley Rowzee


Ok I’m going to need you to do a video on how you did your hair here. Dead serious.

Author β€” Alyssamay LaBanca


7:20 "And if that doesn't happen, go into the bank... and rob it"

Author β€” Tobias Winter


In the past few years, I've learned one big lesson about money. About life, really, but it specifically relates for me around money. It is this:

Just take a damn step.
It can be little, it can be big.
Just take. A. Damn. Step.

Once I start to take control of a situation, I FEEL more in control. I start to see that things can change and improve.

Author β€” Rachel S


omg I could not deal with not knowing how much money I have coming in and going outπŸ˜‚ I have a spreadsheet to keep track of everything and set myself a budget every single month. I also set up autopay for my bills because if I don't I will definitely forget to pay it! I do want to learn more about my finances though because there's so much I don't know yet. I love that you made a video about this because somehow (why??!!!) we don't learn about this stuff in school :)

Author β€” Courteney Rennie


QOTD: my husband actually set up a spreadsheet for our finances/bills. We list out recurring bills and non recurring bills and list out our paychecks at the bottom and the date we get paid. We also list out what gets paid from each check on each date. There is also a little column next to this for our savings account balance.

Author β€” Jessica Winkler


So glad you condone the reading of I Will Teach You To Be Rich! I am reading that now along with your book! :)

Author β€” Amanda Mihan


The cancellation of bank fees is REALLY a good tip. My mom told me about this how not everyone is aware that the can do this and I admire that you included that in your tips!! I also appreciate that you included the exact words you can say to cancel the bank fees bc as an awkward person, I would be stumped as to what to say. 😌

Author β€” Scintilla of Sam


I had a bad financial situation coming out of uni. Student overdraft, credit card maxed out, and no job. I'd grown up with no financial stability or education, so it just felt normal to me. But slowly, over time I've managed to pay things off. I paid off my overdraft finally 3 years after graduation. I've moved my credit card to a 0% interest one which gives me more time to pay it down. And now I've got a stable job I'm making a budget spreadsheet with my oh every month so we pay all the bills/Netflix/transport costs/contact lenses etc first, put aside money for groceries and savings, then know what we have left to spend. It means we never have to worry about bills as they're all accounted for and tracked. Also use Chip to automatically save from your purchases!

Author β€” Jenny Mullinder


I did the auto-pay idea but i like to pay myself earlier than the due datesπŸ€”πŸ™„

Author β€” Teres Edwards


Yes! I love hearing tips on finances :)

Author β€” Miranda Seymour


I love how you explained ' keep track of everything ' and I totally agree with you

Author β€” The Video Editing Experts


GREAT HAIR DAY! loved the way you looked ;) I always love your brain.

Author β€” Rosalinda Alvarado


Great suggestions! This is such an important topic to be discussing. I really enjoyed the video!

Author β€” Reece Caruso


AHHHH I just got nerdwallet. This is amazing. Thank you!!! & I used your link πŸ˜‰

Author β€” Aundrea Lillie


It took me a "while" to own and manage my money responsibly.

The one thing that almost everybody who is an expert overlooks is the necessity to dedicate time to organizing and creating a workflow of all the tasks, steps and processes of personal bookkeeping. I have 7 different tasks, and a total of 30 different unique steps I *must* take in order to update and maintain a current financial picture. That is what it takes for me to monthly get over the "agony" and "fear" sense of scarcity-- to keep from "shutting down functionally and emotionally" from doing all of these tasks.

There is a sense that technology will some how magically categorize, and in one fell swoop show you an amount for any given category and somehow, that is good enough. It isn't.

In truth it is more complex. For a lot of us, we are now self employed or have gigs-- and that income and expense has to be reported to the IRS on Schedule "C". You can't just say "business expense".

Quicken remains the only robust personal financial management software. Since it broke off from Intuit a couple of years ago--- their program, tech support, --and improvements to the program makes it a much better product. Used correctly, and with a little patience and planning you can get a better picture of your financial universe. I had to master Quicken because I wanted to qualify for a business micro-loan (at one time). Can't do that without an accurate-- personal financial statement. Which brings me another uncomfortable and annoying truth-- there is no point in doing this if the information is not accurate. So it requires attention to detail.

Imagine my delight!--- when the balance on my mortgage liability account in Quicken miraculously matched the lenders monthly statement. Another example is the necessity to capturing payroll deductions. We have coverage for among other things-- pet insurance, use of hte company vehicle, in addition to medical coverage. All of those are expenses that have to be accounted for, otherwise-- it creates a big hole in the overall picture. I just completed an extensive application for a loan modification and was able to generate all of the information they requested and relieved and at peace knowing that the reports were accurate.

It took me about three years to make this all work-- and believe me, you are much better off doing it yourself. It is worth it.

It's education, discipline and *organization*. -- I would add, a filing scheme, and a workflow system are essential.

Sorry for the length. Maybe some of this is useful.

Author β€” Elaine Northcutt


Great suggestions all the way through. I was thinking towards the end, if someone did everything in this video, step-by-step, they would be a completely different person when it came to financial knowledge. There’s so much wisdom in the resources you mentioned. Nice video! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΌ

Author β€” Adam Gumm