Gaming the Pakistani mind after its first responses to Indian moves in Kashmir

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All bets are off regarding its political and economic future if Pakistan plans to expand its sphere of terrorist activity outside Kashmir and into the rest of India, says Shekhar Gupta in episode 233 of Cut The Clutter

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I was watching your video before election and I didn't vote modiji... But now I think I was wrong.... Lutiyan media and urban naxal go to hell

Author — Sarfaraz Khan


Shekhar ji, Please be like this as a neutral journalism is very valuable for common ppl. Criticise bad moves of GOI and also appreciate the good moves as well. Let's be fair...

Author — India First !


He just accepted that we returned fired at Pakistan after URI. Apni hi baap(Congress) ke against chala gaya apna bhai.😂🤣

Author — Ujjwal Sharma


Nobody is noticing this that....trump lied that modi said him to mediate is now crystal clear modi didnt say should criticize trump harshly so that atleast us media acknowledge this

Author — Rajat Agarwal


I really appreciate your analysis at 11:15 onwards. This is the only way to make things worse in Kashmir. The Indian government has to be very careful in handling the masses. Something will surely happen but don't let that to escalate. They can protest but how long. Let them raise their voices and show anger but don't resort to indiscriminate killing as it happens previously. change the course of tide and Indian in the mainland should also stop instigating them, humiliating them because this situation needs us to be calm and wait until things get subsided. Otherwise, the Kashmiri problem will remain forever.

Author — hamaid khan


Sir i assure u there will be no blood shed in kashmir!
We are dealing this situation from 1989 so government and army has got nerve of kashmiri thinking!
Both army and kashmir has seen hard time!
They know each other!
Kashmir is india any thing for kashmiri people .
Love u kashmir!

Author — insidious


Amit Shah be like " Zor zor se bol ke sabko scheme bta de " !!

Author — Abhishek Rana


Thanks God. Sekhar Gupta, once part of Leuten's Delhi, has probably changed.
Modi effect?

Author — Mihir Kumar Chakrabarti


Always thought BJP is useless but I'm really impressed by BJP work on this. It's national interest end of the day. All Indians should stand in one.
Jai hind

Author — lion41blue


So many people missing exactly what happened! Trump and Modi hatched the whole sequence of events to fool Imran Khan and Bajwa😂😂😂😂😂



If you can not argue/explain an opposing point of view, then you do not know enough about the topic to discuss it. Great channel.

Author — Jimmy Day


The Print sometimes produces worthy news, instead of the emotional drama it usually publishes

Author — Saintly Soul


Mr. Ajit Doval please arrest the man for helping enemy with unsolicited advice

Author — Vrajesh Vyas


He was once part of the luteins media...probably still is...but see he is so neutral....he criticises govt faults...and again praises if the govt does something good....
This is called real journalism...
The main thing in journalism is to be neutral...never get biased to something...
Bashing govt everytime isnt
I have never ever seen Ravish Kumar to praise anything of the govt...never...it is not possible that this govt hasnt done a single good thing...
Dont know how he got the magsasay award..?

Author — Praneet Chatterjee


India should immediately get Rafale jets and S400 anti missile to pre-empt any misadventures by Pakistan.
At the same time strengthen Panchayati Raj in Kashmir and bring Kashmir development package.

Author — Jay Choudhury


I agree with whatever 04 Mr Gupta.I follow your channel on a daily basis.Please do not give the enemy ideas-this is not a cricket match!

Author — Rajen Naidoo


Kudos to SG, for having regained his journalistic instincts after all the Congress bashing got him no where.
Looking forward to more of such mature view

Author — Francis Dsouza


Interesting analysis and suddenly "Hara Dhania" lol😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Author — kcreative Info


Shekhar, I like your transformation to real journalism! Keep up the good work and remain neutral!

Author — Yathindra K


Really good analysis! I've been a fan of this series!

Author — AK20 K