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Ping Pong Trick Shots | Dude Perfect5
BOOM!! Our 1st ever Ping Pong Trick Shot video has DROPPED!

Awesome arial footage provided by Brian Aiken

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December 2018?
these tricks are SICK!!!! dunno how they did it but its awesome

Author — Nature Silhouette


Play Front flip trick shot 3:20 at 0.25 speed fake

Author — The Big Cheese


This was when the purple Hozier had hair

Author — Jonathan Sukhraj


I'm craving Pringles for some strange reason.. or maybe I'm pregnant.

Author — Kuma Films


1:21 I feel so bad I kinda wanna high five him 😂😂😂

Author — JanaCatxx449 :3


These guys are so good they can throw curveballs, screwballs and fastballs with some decent accuracy.

Author — Marty Mcmarty


I just watched a 6 minute pringle commercial :P

Author — lambosuperl


0:54 he sing Pompeii in Behind the scenes

Author — Judy Chen


It's ping pong trick shots with Pringles. So should we call in "pring" pong trick shots??? 😏😏😏

Author — MCS14


The way they cheer after every success just makes me think that they've tried that shot like a thousand times

Author — James