That WASN'T supposed to happen | Coastal VAN LIFE TURKEY

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We love sharing our van life adventures & especially the amazing time we’re currently having in Turkey, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan & this day was certainly one of those days.

Travel vlog 318 | Turquoise Coast Turkey | Country 30/197

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Hi everyone. We hope you enjoyed this episode of life on the road there is always some form of adventure !! If you want to catch up on the latest season of TREAD the Globe as we attempt to drive around the world then we've created a playlist so you can watch them all in the correct order - just click here
Happy viewing - Marianne and Chris xx

Author — TREAD the globe


You are talking like an English teacher. Pure and one by one.. So this channel is useful for practicing English. I loved.. Have good trip 👋❤️

Author — Mustafa Yavuz


Thank you guys. Turkish Ministry of Tourism should give you a golden key to the country.

Author — Huseyin Ozyurtcu


If this woman can drive in turkish traffic. Than she can drive it everywhere 😂👍. I know it because i am there every year.

Author — Stabil Man


Evening marianne & thanks for showing us so much of turkey keep

Author — Fiana& Paul jojiana


15:21 That´s why "Ayran" (Yogurt + Salt + Water) is the National drink of Turkey :D
I Love your Videos, Have fun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Memos


Loved the vlog beaches look great, what a lovely country 😎👍🏖

Author — Martin Sills


Love watching your adventures. Its such a beautiful place Turkey 🇹🇷 😍. Keep up the vlogs we are all stuck here in England. 👍

Author — Paul Johnson


Haven’t been able to go away to a hot country in this year. However, by watching your videos I kind of feel I am on holiday in Turkey😎.Thanks.

Author — Ninety Nine


Hi Marriane and Chris, lovely vid. Hope you get your gopro sorted. 😀❤❤❤❤

Author — fiana jojiana


Fantastic blog, you’re videos are amazing 👍 Thankyou for filming. Great plunging into the azure blue sea. 👍💯

Author — Tim timinny


Super vlog, brought back loads of memories of the times we have sailed the turquoise coast. And Chris, great volume and tone :-) If your heading past Antalya towards Side make sure you visit Aspendos the Amphitheatre is amazing!!

Author — Silvan Ledwell


İm missing my hometown(Antalya). hi from İstanbul, love you nice people💞

Author — Gulrosie


One thing I have found VERY useful when travelling is having small packets of glucose that can be poured into your water bottle for when it's hot and you feel light headed, or when you're sick or have a headache. Works like magic. They're also light and easy to carry.

Author — Kel


While watching your videos, notification came. So lovely!

Author — Başak Kalyon


This is just beatifull. I hope that you guys will have a lot of fun ❤



The camera gods are trying to send you a message. Sorry for your troubles but I'm so glad you are enjoying Turkey.

Author — Kathi Foy


Some of the polytunnels in the south used for growing bananas. There is a dedicated area for that between the cities of Antalya and Mersin. I believe some other tropical fruits are also being produced in those polytunnels.

Author — Emrullah Jack Oztosun


There is Olimpos, Phaselis ancient cities near sea side on your road in future. May be the most clean waters. Posidonia oceanica commonly known as Neptune grass or Mediterranean tapeweed) is a seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. Those lives only in so clean waters. Don't worry no shark or other dangerous animals exists in Turkey nor dangerous snakes or spiders.

Author — Daniel Conner


Lovely people VANing in a lovely country. I can't get enough of watching your adventures :)

Author — Turgay Türk