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Is Election Fraud really a thing? Should we be worried

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Vote - don't let anyone scare you away from having your voice heard.

Author — fieryweasel


The real voting fraud is gerrymandering that goes on right in front of our faces and is completely legal.

Author — Darth Borehd


I always think back and remember what Joseph Stalin once said. "It's not important who votes, It's more important who COUNTS the VOTES.

Author — Joseph Traina


"Thousands and thousands of people sitting in someone's living room..." That's one big ass living room

Author — Qat On Fire


Thanks for the helpful insight! I’m voting by mail but trying to get everything in before there’s any date discrepancy!!

Also sent you a message on Instagram and would love to get your eyes on it!!

Author — Cassandra Bankson


"This is strictly speaking Not Factual." Lawyer speak for " liar liar pants on fire"

Author — Master of None


I'm already feeling the effects of the slowdown mailing. I made a payment through my bank and the after 2 weeks, the company that I owed money to did not receive my payment. I called my bank and was told that a check was sent out within a few business days when I made the payment. The company received the payment on the 3rd week.

And I ordered medication that had to be mailed to my pharmacy. The pharmacy usually receives it within a day. This took a week. Luckily, I ordered it because I was running low and I thought ahead based on my experience with the mail slowdown.

I encourage everyone to plan ahead. There are delays in mailing.

Author — ExtremeFear


"This is strictly speaking Not Factual."
Meh, let's add a bit more euphemism, shall we :
_The statement presented before us would not appear to exhibit the benefit of being sufficiently supported by any scientifically demonstrated evidence that would exonerate it of being categorized as gross inaccurate speculation. Hereby, we can conclude, at the very least, that this statement can not remotely be considered by any intellectually competent and honest person as a claim with any semblance of truth._

Author — Nicholas R.M.


"If you're watching this channel you're an adult"

Author — tomfish


"More people voting benefits the larger party." I'm so shocked. How could this have happened?

Author — Boom Knight


“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
― Mark Twain

Author — Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas


In November 1960, I was at MIT and requested an Absentee Ballot from my home precinct in Mill Valley CA. I'm not sure why, but I was sent two. I returned one and destroyed the other. My mother was a poll worker at the precinct and there was a challenge, since I had been sent two ballots. So she asked, "How many did he return?" As only one had been returned, it was allowed. I never knew why two had been sent.

Author — Ross Parlette


"I will not be stripping"

And like that, almost all of his female and homosexual fans became incredibly disappointed.

Great video tho!

Author — Bryan Dacote


"I'm not going to rip this suit off"
Me: 🥺🥺🥺 :'(

Author — Martyno322


so in the current development wherein mail in ballots are dumped... and the video released by project veritas that shows what trump said becoming a reality... will you still say that it is safe? and who knows how widespread it is... would love to hear your legal opinion on it...

Author — Uldyssian


Seems like you’re missing an opportunity to seize the male stripper name “Pro Bono”

Author — Phoenix Levin


"I will not be stripping"
[close tab]

Author — Abridgelion


In my country voting fraud has been so prevalent that, when after 40 years of dictatorship, we finnally got a Constitution in 1978, we introduced a lot of voting safeguards inside the Constitution in order to prevent these. But previously voting fraud was rampant, to the point it was almost institutionalised in the late XIX century on which was called "pucherazo", in which two big parties turned to rule and then they had fraud elections to ratify that rule.

Author — Podemos URSS


Dude! Er, I mean Objection!. Election day is November 3rd, not 2nd. 24:40

Author — jeepien


No one should argue with secure voting and fraud is something that has happen before in elections, and i do not see why anyone should oppose secure voting measures and if they do, thats suspect right away.

Author — The Doctor