Afghanistan - HD Helmet Cam Footage Of US Special Operations In Action In The Afghan Desert

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Afghanistan HD Pov GoPro Helmet Camera footage of US Special Operations (SpecOps) in action in the Afghan desert.

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Credits: US Special Operations

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GoPro is going to make a fortune during WWIII

Author — SpectreAD1


How it feels to shoot five guns

Stimulate your senses.

Author — t gay


Sun: *is setting*

Soldiers: “Alright boys you know we gotta look badass out here, get the shades out”

Author — Joe Mama


They can't be special operations. Their watches aren't big enough and they don't have beards. :p

Author — Ripper13F1V


01:19 I thought they were so high but they were on the ground the whole time

Author — Faze Ollieboy12e41 iam0xlie


The objective of the war is not to die for you're country, it's to make enemy die for his.

Edit: don't know why I made this comment, but hey enjoy the it's not enjoyable but yeah.

Author — Wendigo guy


10:00 - dude couldn’t help with the bags?

Author — BASE


1:19: Great example of optical illusion.

Author — Emperor Vargas


Seems like sniper heaven, wide open plains covered in hills and hidy holes.

Author — Tuscan


14:53 " my position is 7:00" "no 9:00. Well by me its 4:38 am, and I need to go to sleep.

Author — Nanach Ainyeush


“Private Allen, get up.Rangers, lead the way, move!

Author — Gin Hawk



Author — Beats By A7


17:49 dude has been hitting the chow hall hard

Author — garrisp


So many people commenting about the Black Hawk's in this video. They are not Black Hawk's. The helicopters in this video are Pave Hawk's.
Also this is a training exercise. The bullets they are firing are the M1042 CCMCK Close Combat Mission Capability Kit. They're low velocity marking ammunition, like airsoft BB's on a 5.56 cartridge with less gun powder. Hence why their magazines are blue. Their Carbine's can not fire real ammo while the M1042 bolt carrier group is installed in their firearm.

Author — 13R^D


This makes me want to join the military

Author — Yung


Finally a video without gay music in it

Author — Click Bait


1:16 Am I the only one who thought they were super high up and was surprised when he just stepped on the ground? Like the dirts right there but it looks like it could be half mile down.

Author — Hayabusa


6:10 Everyone so careful where they put their feet. Must be so distracting having to look for IEDs constantly while scanning for enemy ambushes

Author — 17ll3 x214


This isn't real combat its training clips. Note the blue magazine's in their M4's that's a dummy mag.

Author — LilZig Gaming


1:15 At first it looks like they’re still in mid air

Author — NeedForSpeed2004