Election Basics: Crash Course Government and Politics #36

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This week Craig is going to give you a broad overview of elections in the United States. So as you may have noticed, there are kind of a lot of people in the U.S, and holding individual issues up to a public vote doesn't seem particularly plausible. So to deal with this complexity, we vote for people, not policies, that represent our best interests. But as you'll see, this process was not thoroughly addressed in the Constitution, so there have been a number of amendments and laws at the state level implemented to create the election system we all know and (maybe) love today.

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I need to play this in slow-mo, he talks too fast.



I read that as "Electron Basics" and spent a good 5 or 10 seconds trying to figure out what electrons have to do with politics before I realized my mistake.

Author — Lord Vivec


Are you kidding me?? I had to hold a presentation about this just this morning and NOW YOU UPLOAD THIS?? I could've used this D:

Author — Cake Mason


At 6:02, you took off Massachusetts, when it should have been Maine.

Author — Avinash Iyer


"you are gerrymeandered out of here eagle"

Author — Brendon Pham


Can we have a separate episode on the purpose of the electoral college and what the framers were thinking when they made it? I'm in an argument about whether or not it was meant as a buffer between direct election and electing an unqualified person.

Author — TracyG Crouch


The winner takes all part is flawed. Nebraska and Massachusetts float away from the map. It should be Maine.

Author — Erica Golle


5:50... C was NOT the second highest; B was.

Author — Tfin


"Polish women give birth in England, because there are single-member constituencies" - Paweł Kukiz

Author — TapOnX


what's the purpose of the empty mug in his hand?

like it's not even used?

Author — Abigail Ward



its maine and Nebraska, not Massachusetts :)

Author — Mike Marek


At 5:49, the run-off should be between candidates B (28%) and D (37%). C only has 24%, so she should not get to the second election round.

Author — Alexandru Sebastian Constantin Tegus


6:10 Massachusetts is winner take, Maine splits the vote

Author — JEB Five


5:50 the candidate with 24% goes on to the runoff but there's a guy with 28%.

Author — vwoxy1


5:50 B and D should have moved on to the run-off, not C and D.

Author — killerfrenchy


I like how we think we are one of the freest nations yet our elections and say in our leaders is so screwed up..

Author — Matthew Banks


Very informative!!! I will be watching the other episodes. Thank you so much.

Author — DaijaMonroe


The map about winner takes all was wrong, Nebraska and Maine are the only two states without winner takes all. The map shows Massachusetts as the other state not Maine

Author — SassyP17


shouldn't it be Maine, not Massachusetts that got shook off the map at 6:02 ?

Author — A_commenter


You speak extremely fast. It was difficult to keep up.

Author — that guy