Trump Gets Extremely Graphic In Describing Death Of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

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The President revealed way too much when announcing the details of the Special Forces raid that took out the ISIS leader. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert

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I have a feeling Trump never even heard of this guy before yesterday.

Author — Global Atheist


"I wrote a book"...forgets name of book..."a really successful book"

Author — SandyRiverBlue


Trump: "He died like a dog. He died like a coward."
The dogs that he mentioned helping to track him down earlier: "Ruck rou, rasshole."

Author — Tucker Bowen


"I never get credit, but that´s OK". What an insecure, passive aggressive a**hole.

Author — aquelpibe


I blew my beer down my nose when I heard that "ISIS used the internet better than almost anyone in the world other than Donald Trump." His vanity truly knows no bounds.

Author — Ian Findlay


At first they wanted to call it "Operation Iraqi Liberation, " but that spelled "OIL."

Author — OolTube02


He'd wanted Al Baghdadi for three years? Bu!!sh¡t! He probably hadn't heard the name until the day before!

Author — James Womack


The president of the United States admitted that we're going to occupy foreign nations to take their oil for the benefit of corporate donors. And this is NOT the strangest thing he says.

Author — Montesama314


He wrote a book? Another lie to add to his record breaking total lies!

Author — Zorro II


Trump probably didn't know who Baghdadi was until last week.

Author — Merlin


"I want All Bag Daddy"
Of course, you do, Orange man.

Author — Random Fjord


"i remember how my dog died... Gave him a suicide vest and chased him down a hallway.."

Author — Rose City Vapesters


Just like trump blasted himself into the changing room of the ladies of the pageants that trump hosted. No knock, knock!

Author — Just Human


Oh my God this lunatic is in charge of nuclear codes how is everyone not terrified by this

Author — Albert Ramirez


I can't believe this guy is President, it's so embarrassing.

Author — martin cabrera


“If you read my book, there was a book before the trade center went down ... I wrote a book, a successful book “ whatever it was called🤪

Author — chance goode


FDR: A day which will live in infamy,
Trump: Knock, knock. May I come in?
Jesus Christ...

Author — Perihelion Studios


How a liar begins a sentence “they said sir”

Author — Simon Bauer


At least when Trump bangs on about "being a coward" he has a lot of personal experience to draw upon!

Author — James Dyer


I’m surprised that Trump hasn’t broken his arm from patting himself on the back.

Author — Linda Powell