There's No Business Like Show Business 1954 Full Movie

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Now added subtitles!!
Initial release: December 16, 1954 (New York)
Director: Walter Lang
Music composed by: Irving Berlin
Screenplay: Henry Ephron, Phoebe Ephron

Starring: Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Dailey,
Johnnie Ray, Mitzi Gaynor, Richard Eastham, Hugh O'Brian, Frank McHugh, Rhys Williams, Lee Patrick, Eve Miller and Robin Raymond!

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YESSS thank you so much. All the people who work here are all so talented. This is probably one of my favourite O'Connor movies, and probably one of my favourite Mitzi ones too.

Author — Cameron Monteath


Excellent print, presentation of a landmark 1950's musical spectacular.

Author — searchers


how lucky was Marilyn Monroe to work with Donald O'Connor ! omg lucky girl

Author — Rosi


This is the best movie i´ve ever seen.
Thank you very very much.
Now i finally have something to
delight in, ,Corona times."
And your youtube name is great.

Author — Joris von Hörde


know all the songs, belt them out here and with my favourite dancers Donald O Connor and Mitzi Gaynor and of course Marilyn, great choreography and cinematography what more could you want, excellent

Author — K


Marilyn in the blue dress strutting at the finale!

Author — katiecoollady


i love you and thank you. i cry every time i see Alexander's Ragtime band!!! The end when she sees her son in the wing and cant run off!! gets me every time.

Author — A Robert


its amazing how different times are now.

Author — Nancy Anderson


Thank you for posting brings back a lot of memories

Author — Ronda Reynolds


I’m over the moon at finding this sumptuous movie💥. Thank You for this amazing upload💐🎈

Author — VictoryofGod


I love this performance sheer pleasure$$$$

Author — Frederick Rabuse


Johnny Ray is spectacular on the piano.

Author — DrRock


I saw this film in the movie theater when it came out, in New York City. Observation: The scene when O'Connor first comes "home" drunk. They have Hotel towels, you see the hotel name, in the bathroom but they are not in a hotel? Odd set decor placement?

Author — eveyholmes


Good movie. Thank you so much for uploading it.

Author — Judy


Thank you so much for By any chance do you have Singin in the Rain?

Author — maya padiyar


some of these old musicals were the music videos of their day
not much acting/talking
just an excuse for singing and dancing.

Author — Jenny Green


Thank you for uploading this movie, my mom said she saw this film at the movies in the 1950s. Mom said as people were exiting the theater people were singing, " There's No Business Like Show Business.... " I guess it was a shared movie experience. This was Hollywood's attempt to get people to go to the movies again instead of watching TV at home. It has an excellent cast, a glossy technicolor charm and the songs are charming. Mom taped this movie on our VCR on American Movies Channel in 1994. I still have Video cassettes and I need to find a VCR player so I can watch the movies, mom taped back in the day.

Author — Shawn Malone


Please the songs in 2:03 and 4:04 where can i found ?

Author — sona ꕤ


God bless you for uploading this, my 2nd favorite marilyn movie 💙

Author — jordana moon


Dan Dailey married Donald O'Connor's ex-wife.

Author — Gaynor