What does Joe Kennedy’s loss mean for American politics? | Washington Week | PBS

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Progressive Senator Edward J. Markey held off a primary challenge from Congressman Joe Kennedy in Massachusetts. But does this race serve as a bellwether for the Democratic Party? And have we seen the last of the Kennedy family in American politics? The panel also discussed President Trump’s amplification of conspiracy theories.

Panel: Peter Baker of the New York Times, Nikole Killion of CBS News and Arlette Saenz of CNN

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As a Bay Stater, let me say this about Joe Kennedy and his loss, I am so over the Kennedys. It was a dumb move on his part to attempt the run for Senate right now and to try to cash in on his name in this political climate proves just how out of touch he is.

Author — twothreebravo


This guy erred by running a primary against a sitting Dem Senator who's a strong leftist in Massachusetts!!!!

Author — Justice Hussein


"Platitudes-Kennedy" is what we called him. He had no real substance and had been groomed by Pelosi and the Corrupt Dem Establishment for years to become the face of the DNC-Left which focuses on platitudes and vague flowery speeches over actually substance, policy, and the courage it takes to challenge the powerful elites funding the status-quo democratic politicians.

Author — ScootMagoot46


Substance is now required. Not just speeches of platitudes which Obama got elected using & Kennedy tried using.... We younger voters want substance now. No more letting politicians skate by with beautiful speeches while they don't try changing the status-quo when given the opportunity. I say that as a 2x-Obama/Sanders voter myself. And i'll take Biden to get rid of Trump, balance the courts, and so the progressive-backlash is bigger than under Obama if Biden is status-quo after all his promises.

Author — ScootMagoot46