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In July 2018 a horrifying video began to circulate on social media. It shows two women and two young children being led away at gunpoint by a group of Cameroonian soldiers. The captives are blindfolded, forced to the ground, and shot 22 times.


The government of Cameroon initially dismissed the video as “fake news.” But BBC Africa Eye, through forensic analysis of the footage, can prove exactly where this happened, when it happened, and who is responsible for the killings.

Warning: this video contains disturbing content

Investigation by Aliaume Leroy and Ben Strick.
Produced by Daniel Adamson and Aliaume Leroy.
Motion Graphics: Tom Flannery

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Thee investigation techniques are very impressive!

Author — Taylor L Winter


Weak cowards shooting women and children makes my blood boil.

Author — Rusty Shackleford


don't call them 'soldiers'...they are just criminals / murderers in uniform!

Author — sgtjoe2008


I haven't slept in days since seeing this video. Only my family keeps me sane. As a woman and a mother, my heart bleeds every time I think about the evil committed on this planet....why? Oh Lord why??? Please Angels blow the trumpets already. Humanity is lost

Author — Ifeoma Njoku


these are not people they are monsters

Author — heather lacovara


This is what called investigative journalism. Kudos to BBC.

Author — Jay dev


That child holding the mother's hand must be so scared and confused, my heart breaks whenever I see this jeez

Author — Vasilisa A


How can someone kill a innocent child Dear Lord :(

Author — beverly adams


Army are those who fight for those who can't defend themselves. These scums are doing the opposite. Shame on Cameroonian government for having women and children killers on their payroll.

Author — Mohd Khairul Muhamed


The deduction of the location and time of the event is beyond marvellous. This is detective work in real life.

Author — Ran Lin


Crazy ! Humans killing each other .
This was a deep investigation in honor of the babies fallen
No doubt about it .

Author — Adel Camac


These executions happen often in parts of Africa and the Middle East; but most instances are never filmed.
BBC went full Sherlock Holmes on this investigation.

Author — Tiger H. Lore


Investigative journalists exposing these atrocities are the real heroes. RIP to these souls and I hope justice or karma finds its way to the monsters who are responsible.

Author — S Alvarez


This is truly barbaric but also journalism used in a positive way to bring resolution to these horrific actions. Thank you for not giving up. I hope that these criminals never get out of prison.

Author — Viviane B


This is some absolutely stellar investigative journalism. Tremendous job BBC!

Author — MK Moreland


BBC please come to Jamaica. Lord knows we need you. This is amazing journalism. I've never seen any investigation like this. Never!

Author — Nesia's World


The way the investigation was done is really impressive

Author — Sanatozaki


Much better investigation than many of the top agencies..👍

Author — dixmit2004


Thank you for the awareness, the accuracy and the dignity of the video. God bless the victims

Author — Smuovileacque


You guy did a great job on finding info from this video. 👍

Author — cheristar