Race for coronavirus vaccine intensifies

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Scientists' goal is to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective.

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Why is it a race? Shouldn't it be a whole effort?

Author — Gleb Firstov


The term "Race" indicates competition. If countries are competing to create a vaccine, a lot of corners are going to be cut

Author — Royal Priesthood _


September 2020: Race for coronavirus vaccine intensifies
October 2020: We're close to developing the coronavirus vaccine
December 2020: The coronavirus vaccine is about to be finished
January 2021: The coronavirus vaccine will be finished very soon
February 2021: We are almost finished developing the coronavirus vaccine
March 2021: The development of the coronavirus vaccine is still in progress...
April 2021: We're getting closer and closer to releasing the coronavirus vaccine
May 2021: Race for coronavirus vaccine intensifies
June 2021: The development of the coronavirus vaccine is still in progress...

Author — The citizen of the internet


Why tf are they racing against each other instead of working together...

Author — Bernard Williams


Yeah cant wait to inject myself with something people rushed to make.

Author — Caped Crusader


How many times are they going to use the same phrase "Race for covid-19 vaccine".

Edit: There's a comment war down here 👇

Author — Manny


“Pressure” shouldn’t be a word for this subject

Author — Before The Future


The race to make a shitlload of money, , , more like it.

Author — TheShagdog1313


The only people interested in this race are the investors.

Author — John Fausett


January - March 2020: *We begin the vaccine, should take us 12 to 18 months*
March - June 2020: *We are 25% complete*
June - August 2020: *We are 50% complete*
September - December 2020: *Unfortunately we have to cancel due to a sick patient*
January - March 2021: *We are close to completion*
March - June 2021: *We have to cancel again...*
June - August 2021: *We are 95% complete*
September - December 2021: *We are complete*
2022: *Coronavirus is no longer pandemic*

Author — Coronavirus COVID-19


Why not just have all organizations collaborate to make a vaccine instead of racing each other

Author — Bob Ross


Imagine injecting something into your body that companies "raced" to profit off... Y I K E S

Author — technolgx -


fear monger much? Pharmaceutical companies are ALWAYS in a race to be first to the market with any of their drugs. THIS IS NOT A 🤦‍♂️

Author — That’s Just Crazy Talk


It’s funny you guys just posted earlier this week that it was to a halt. Man the world is gonna end our lives are in the hands of idiots and it’s our own faults

Author — Brendab Lauri


Just take your vitamins and exercise 🤦🏽‍♂️

Author — Hammah Defend Hawaii


im for sure not getting this vaccine lol

Author — Ronan Radio


If you got kids take them away from these shcool

Author — Jhonnie Bishop


I’ll come back later when it titles “Coronavirus Vaccine made “

Author — Maya Vidal


What race? We don’t want a vaccine that will rewrite our DNA and possibly kill us. What for? For a virus that you have a more than 99 percent chance of surviving? Yeah, OK ABC.. keep stoking the fear, but guess what? We’re not buying it. We know this is an elaborate psyops, and that you, the media, are leading it all.

Author — Steven Murphy


Can't wait til it's mandatory in order to clock in, I'm tired of my job.

Author — ghettobeats