Women are trying to escape Saudi Arabia, but not all of them make it | Four Corners

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Many Saudi women are wealthy, well-educated and told they have everything, but when they disobey their male guardians, life can be more like a Handmaid’s Tale dystopia.

Sophie McNeill reports for Four Corners.

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This makes no sense. She is an adult. How can anyone claim she is property and forcibly send her to death?

Author — Kay Watson


Australians- we have our processes and documentation’s to be done
Canada- sees the emergency and grants visa within hours. Truly a model country!

Author — Amninder Mavi


Maybe most of females reading this are grateful of being born where they're born despite the richness or poverty of the area!!

Author — Benitha Uwera


This girl have COURAGE, she left without solid plan, is only 18, nobody to turn to, and she didn’t back down... I admire her.

Author — Isla Grace


I myself escaped from Saudi Arabia with the help of the British Embassy, these girls just want to be safe and not abused

Author — Becky Garcia


Omg this girl is so lucky she had her phone and also to this lady journalist that covered her story. Imagine the thousands and girls that don’t make it.

Author — Reena Joyram


"Freedom is the most important thing for a person. I gave up everything to be free"

It is rare that such true words are spoken. Freedom is the cry of the soul. It wants to be free and unlimited. This girl achieved it and wouldn't let anyone or any authority take that away. Good job.

Author — Drmcx


Humanity Is more important than any religious culture.

Author — Manjunath R


As a woman, i can NOT imagine having no rights just because being born as a female. We can’t turn our backs on these young women that only want to live freely. If their hearts are pure and they do not want to harm others, as humans we should all feel the urge to help them.

Author — auzziernvdl


“i took nothing important. Just my life and my freedom” damn that left me shook

Author — Sugarplum87


wow this journalist has guts. she actually physically came to that girl's hotel room to stay with her.

Author — Winona Daphne


Hats off to Canada for truly being the good guys. Standing ovation for the reporter for not only standing up for the right thing, but for saving a life.

Author — Vladimir Brazilevsky


As student who studied in Australia, till this day I am disappointed with visa. The most annoying thing ever.
Canada visa: Here ya go, welcome.

Author — Terry Barbossa


I am a Filipino, deeply troubled, horrified & ashamed of our Philippine authorities, airport & airline personnel who not only refused aid & (even temporary) sanctuary to Ms. Dana Ali, but even abetted her "kidnapping" & forcible repatriation against her will. Our Commission on Human Rights & the UN Rights commission should look into this.

Author — Pocholo Ramirez


Thank you, Canada 🇨🇦 for putting humanity first. Love 💘

Author — Ab 001


A golden rule of thumb while escaping: Do NOT give your passport to anyone

Author — Rain


I am Canadian Born and Raised. I am very proud of you, as are many Canadians. Rahaf, may all your dreams come true.

Author — red 34 56


Those 13k dislikes are from saudi men...🤣

Author — déjà vu


I read that Dina Ali killed herself in the same shelter they are mentioning in the video. I did some research and found a lot of mixed information regarding if she’s alive or not. It’s truly heartbreaking and I hope she’s alive...but safe! It is a 3rd year now since the was last seen in the airport and my heart is hurting knowing what her family could’ve done to her! UN and Human Rights Organisations are a JOKE!!!

Author — D P


Australia should be ashamed that they actually asked woman about their male guardian. Shame on them

Author — kooolkidninjamaster