Our VAN LIFE adventure TURKEY finally continue

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Freedom at last. Finally we’re able to hit the road and continue our van life adventures around Turkey. It is seriously nice be exploring this wonderful country & did we find an awesome first spot.

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Travel vlog 311 | Golyazi - Turkey | Country 30/197
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💬 Comments on the video

I'm a Brit who has lived here in Turkey for twenty five years. You won't find a better country. Enjoy your travels.

Author — Ros Nazilli


I really like your, “oh you’re still here” endings. 👍 The videos are great and it’s very clear that you love Turkey.

Author — Peter Gough


its a diffrent way of life in turkey they respect each other and each others property, doors can be left open and nobody would steel and motor bikes and car left open or with keys in, its a special place turkey, im envious of you both .

Author — danny 2ME


Thanks for the kind words for our country guys 💕💕 keep spreading positivity💖💖💖

Author — moony


What a great show Marianne and Chris
Really enjoyed seeing Turkish hospitality and amazing scenery
Amazing breakfast
Great photography
Stay safe
Sending beautiful vibes
Angela 🌈🌈⭐️

Author — Angela Locke


I'd recommend to drive down Ayvalik, izmir, Bodrum, Fethiye. Then Antalya.

Author — Orhan Ozturk


The colours are so intense, very beautiful. I appreciate your simplicity and the the true enthusiasm in little things. This video is pure freedom!!!BRAVI BRAVI

Author — martina MF


I lived in Turkey for eight months. I miss Izmir bombas, baklava and midye lol. Check out Izmir, it was my favorite city. Also, Eskişehir is worth a visit if your into good cafes and exploring a walkable city without the stress. Antalya was disappointing for me, but I would check out the Olympos area! Trabzon is great for seeing the Black Sea and seeing a different side of Turkey and of course nature. I wish I could of went to Gaziantep (to eat) and Mardin but unfortunetly due to Coronavirus I had to come back to the U.S. early. Good luck :)

Author — Aldora LaPlume


We travelled by ferry from Istanbul to Yalova then down to Bursa, Izmir and Kusadasi. Don’t worry the people are brilliant and just the same wherever you go,

Author — Noreen Goulding


I hope you travel south along the coast. Try not to miss Çanakkale...it's a very moving experience. Then go to Ayvalık on your way to Izmır...lucky you...I'm jealous 😉

Author — Ruth Uckardes


The perfect camping spot with shade from the trees. What a view 😃🚐 Trev n Sue

Author — Poshcats Camping


Oh my giddiaunt! That little cafe was gorgeous! X

Author — Sally Fenney


Oh boy! I really know how you feel Chris, Adventure Begins. 😍😍💖💖💖🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

Author — fiana jojiana


I am so happy that you are on the road again and discover wonderful things every day. It is the beauty of your mind when you call something beautiful which others don't call this way. It is is really inspiring how you live the real way of Vanlife. Try to learn more turkish as soon as possible. This will blow you to the next level of travelling. Your experiences with this country wil be so phenomenal. It is not necessary at the beginning to do things right in gramnatic. Just say the words how you would like to do. Make learning by doing, try and error. In 10 days you will be able to talk real Turkish. I know you can.

Author — Welcome to real life


So nice couple, i have been traveler by alone for 1 year. İ am in Hong Kong right now.
İ always watching.. i am from south of turkey also.
Good luck with many experience 😊

Author — mert bilen


Selamlar İngiltere'den. Great to see you back on the road . Super travel report looking forward to more. Don't adopt the tortoise.

Author — Jon Lewis


Oh nice you guys are finally in my city Bursa! Also if you guys continue on the Aegean coast and southern coast you are gonna see a lot of tortoise maybe even some caretta caretta.

Author — Manav


Great episode! I didn’t know that Gölyazı was such a nice town close to Istanbul. I’ll visit there asap 😇

Author — Şenay Şen


5:57 your welcome marianne. enjoy our country. teşekkür ederim :)

Author — özer akbıyık


Wow, what an absolutely wonderful little place!!
So good to see you out n about again and of course living the dream.
Looking forward to the next show. Where to next??

Author — Katie Turner