Jim Acosta: Trump's biggest tactical defeat of his political life

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Jim Acosta: Trump's biggest tactical defeat of his political life3.5
CNN's Jim Acosta says President Donald Trump caved by agreeing to end the partial shutdown of the federal government without securing funding for a border wall and described the celebration at the White House to the "upside down" from "Stranger Things."

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This is Trump's trademark: Go down in defeat and declare victory.

Author — Scoddygoat


Trump has his wall....The name is Nancy Pelosi!

Author — Elizabeth Colegrove


Hahaha! Glad the government is opening but comes at a really weird day, given that ROGER STONE just got arrested. And yesterday the president had NO intention of ever opening it. Smh

Author — Derrell J. Thompkins


Is this simply a Trump diversionary tactic to take the focus off the Stone indictment?

Author — alan m


Funny how he decided to resolve it on the same day Roger Stone gets arrested. Coincidence? Also it's always on a Friday it seems.

Author — Gargenfluck Gosphenspiels


Follow the Stone story. Trump is covering the arrest with a bigger story. On that thought, it gives Mueller more time to charge....

Author — Coco Chanel


Imbecile in Chief elected by a minority. This farce needs to end.

Author — Owen Michaels-Hardy


If I might be so bold as to add my voice to this conversation.
In the back drop of the President addressing the American people, many behind the scene were celebrating, clapping and smiling an obvious loss as he gave his speech. Yes, that was very strange but not surprising. The President is not complicated once you have familiarized yourself with his mindset strategy. Donald Trump's Mentor was Roy Cohen; a lawyer who embraced Donald Trump as his protege long ago, influencing and leading his decisions in real estate as well as other ventures. One of Roy Cohen's strategies was to never admit failure of any kind, but to look at that failure as a victory and celebrate it. Trump was mentored by this man and adopted his way of thinking years ago, being taught never relent, never concede even in the face of certain failure. Check the records, all or most of his real estate ventures, successful and unsuccessful end this way. He will never concede, his failures will always be considered victories. It's his mindset, he has practiced this behavior for so long its become a part of him. Its his brand of conflict resolution and its very dangerous, and now this mindset lives in the White House.

Author — Frankie Loyd


Really glad traitor trump finally let 800, 000 American hostages free but as Acosta says he has the wall on the brain so he will probably shut it down again which is so unfair for gov workers. But I think this will def ensure he will not be re-elected even if muller can’t prove he’s a traitor. He’s doesn’t care about poor ppl or gov workers or any Americans except big corporations that can line his pockets which is why he gave the super rich the biggest tax break and the poor and middle class very little if anything in long run. And of course doing Putin’s bidding . Supporters that think he cares about them are nuts!

Author — Katelyn Morgan


Trump ended this shutdown because Roger Stone's arrest was making headlines. He needed to distract. He's done this before.

Author — ScytheNoire


Wow, can't wait for all you sheep to wake up! It's going to be 2016 all over again...Lol

Author — PLo70


Damn Jim, tell us how you really feel

Author — MsRESPECT90


Pelosi and Mueller are the ones truly putting "America First"

Author — kimberly s


Nothing to see here folks just a pack of wingless monkees flinging their verbal feces. Welcome to Oz, move along now.

Author — Blind Squid


why is that rusted out bot 🤖still kickin shouldn't the tin man be in the the recycleing bin by now (if he only had a brain) sing it 🗣🎤 folks

Author — kkk


one man has defeated CNN, specially Jim Acosta 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😁😁

Author — h dunkan


He Caved.
MAGA: My Associate Got Arrested

Author — User name


We don't need a Wall, what we need is advanced Boarder Security

Author — Askal Tesfa


Washington DC=dream team of corruption

Author — deleted account


My guy said this was like the upside down in Stranger Things. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

Author — Justin Dandridge